Zelda Player Turns Map Progress Into Wall Art

Image credit: Kazoodac, around Imgur

Since a initial DLC, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild has given players a choice to demeanour behind during all a places they’ve trafficked by display their trail in green, famous in a diversion as a “Hero’s Path.” While a underline has always been neat, it looks even some-more singular and insinuate when incited into a real-life work of art.

A Zelda actor whose name is Andrew Czudak did usually that and recently shared a results on Imgur. Taking over 200 screenshots of their overworld map regulating a Switch’s in-game camera, they were means to accumulate a flattering zoomed-out and high fortitude encapsulation of all a time they and their partner spent with a game. Creating a work compulsory painstakingly scrolling opposite each territory of their Hero’s Path with a analog hang and afterwards gathering and re-cutting a ensuing screencaps in Photoshop to line them all up.

“Moving a map in unchanging intervals was generally formidable due to a analog stick, so we finished adult holding some-more screenshots than we substantially needed,” Czudak pronounced in a Imgur post. “Even then, we did need to go behind once or twice and take screenshots of small gaps that I’d missed. This did come in accessible for stealing a immature cursors in a core of each picture though.”

The indicate of this formidable method, rather than usually floating adult a singular screenshot of a whole thing, was to get some-more detail. The ensuing picture finished adult being 5842×4868, that was afterwards printed out during 16×20 and 300 dpi.


Breath of a Wild’s Hero’s Path is a good proceed for players to take batch of all they’ve finished in a diversion that goes over usually a list of achievements or sum time played. Unlike tender numbers, a visible painting of someone’s time with a diversion also yields opposite insights into how people play—whether they hang to objectives or cite to go off a beaten path, for instance. “Seeing opposite playstyles in map form is interesting,” Czudak said in a Reddit comment. “I favourite gliding and teleporting, and my partner desired roving a equine on a categorical roads. We did copiousness of exploring on feet as well, though it did leave a map looking cleaner.”

He and his partner have put about 300 hours into a game, with a Hero’s Path tracking a many new 200. It usually annals active gameplay, however, so after a Champion’s Ballad DLC was finished he was looking for a proceed to safety their common adventure. “I beheld that a whole playthough usually JUST fit in a 200 hour limit,” he pronounced in an email. “Seeing how tighten it was done me wish to safety it somehow, that is how this plan came to be.”

In Czudak and his partner’s case, a map incited out flattering clean given they mostly stranded to a categorical roads going from one indicate of seductiveness to a next. “Despite BotW’s Hyrule being so vast, following a paths on this map still brings behind informed imagery and clear memories,” Czudak said. “There are many noted moments that I’m certain copiousness of users share, such as a Talus on a Great Plateau, a stormy proceed to Zora’s Domain, or a tip of a Lomei Labyrinth.” There were many moments that were singular to their playthrough, however, including things like unsuccessful gliding attempts and unnecessary backtracking behind before they satisfied they could quick travel. Another enclosed “Searching proceed too prolonged for a Kakariko Fairy Fountain before realizing it was a hulk troublesome plant.”


Having an tangible earthy intent takes these personal insights and memories adds a kind of permanency to them. It’s arrange of like preserving a playthrough in amber. Even if Czudak and his partner eventually remove their Zelda information since a Switch doesn’t have cloud saves, during slightest they’ll always have a pleasing map.

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