Zelda: Breath of The Wild’s Second Expansion Is Still On Track For This Year, Nintendo Says

Despite Nintendo’s recent, celebrated still on a topic, a second enlargement for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is still entrance soon, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime told me this afternoon during a discerning discuss in midtown Manhattan. We talked about that and a horde of other topics, including a passing of MiiVerse, a Switch’s warn GameCube controller support and either Fils-Aime should make a mid-interview call to a CEO of Netflix.

But first, here’s your teenager though hopefully calming Zelda update:

Nintendo minute a second Breath of a Wild expansion during E3 in June, dubbing it the Champion’s Ballad, and earnest a sizeable appendage adventure. But a association did not yield a recover date during an expanded Sep online showcase of Nintendo’s holiday line-up, usually providing a Nov 10 recover date for a new array of Amiibo total for a champion characters highlighted in a expansion. Asked if a Amiibo recover dates indicated a date for a enlargement as well, Fils-Aime said: “We will shortly be announcing a date for that content, so we would not close and bucket on Nov 10th.”


Fils-Aime wasn’t in city to speak Zelda. He arrived to foster a launch of Super Mario Odyssey tonight and to prominence a company’s latest winning streak. Nintendo’s had a outrageous year with a strike new console and several large games. He was bullish, of course, braggadocio about Switch, 2DS XL and even a awaiting of some 200 some-more indie games attack Switch by year’s end.

A lot of Nintendo’s large releases and stirring line-up is obvious to Kotaku readers, so, as always, we poked around to find out about some reduction widely-discussed Nintendo topics.

  • We strike on the warn support of GameCube controllers for a Switch, a underline that popped up in a system’s newest firmware. “In a latest complement module update, it enables third-party peripherals to work on Nintendo Switch,” Fils-Aime explained. “As a result, a marginal for Wii U that allows it to insert GameCube controllers also works.” A pointer of Super Smash Bros. Melee support incoming? “Of course, there’s zero to announce on this,” he said. “I consider it’s satisfactory to say, Stephen, that that marginal operative was as most a warn to us as it was to consumers.”
  • On classical games, deliberation that Nintendo’s worshiped diversion engineer Shigeru Miyamoto just told Game Informer that “When we consider about a playstyle of a Switch it would be good if we could play all classical games on it.” Fils-Aime pronounced there is zero to announce, of course, though he combined this: “We’re appreciative to have some of a best calm ever combined be singular to Nintendo platforms. We’re also appreciative by a village that they wish to play this content. What we’ve pronounced is that there’s going to be some classical calm that’s partial of a Nintendo Online proposition. We’ve pronounced we will betray some-more about that tender subsequent year before it launches.” But does a investiture of this dedicated classical console business like a NES Classic obviate Nintendo from releasing classical games in other ways? “It doesn’t obviate it,” he said.

  • Nintendo’s really possess amicable network, Miiverse, is closing down in November. Why close Miiverse down altogether when it still seems useful on a 3DS and 2DS, even if a Wii U is vanishing away? “Miiverse was a good community,” Fils-Aime said. “It was something we suspicion would be constituent to a Wii U tender along with Nintendo TVii. Unfortunately a Wii U didn’t scale a approach we hoped it would, that creates stability those services financially challenging.” But because not keep it open on 3DS? “They’re all linked,” he said. “From a service, design and smoothness [standpoint], it’s linked. Once we done a preference for it to be resolved on Wii U, it meant it would be resolved for 3DS as good as a observation use on your PC.”

  • On the standing of video-on-demand services on Switch, Fils-Aime pronounced that such services “are going to come in due time,” pinning a roll-out of them on those companies carrying their apps prepared to go. Pressed if that enclosed Netflix, he said, “You’d have to ask a folks during Netflix. we have [Netflix CEO] Reed [Hasting]’s number.” we requested Fils-Aime call him adult to ask. He chuckled, though he did not make a call.
  • Nintendo’s My Nintendo rewards use has nonetheless to offer Switch-specific rewards in terms of diversion downloads or other perks. Fils-Aime indicated that will change. “There are singular elements entrance for Nintendo Switch. We’ll be announcing those in due time. We do trust carrying a clever faithfulness module for all of a products is critical and positively a fans conclude it.
  • And finally… Me: “Do we wish me to ask we about Mother 3?”
    Fils-Aime: “No. [pause] Do we wish a eye beams entrance out?”

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