Zelda Breath of a Wild comfortable garments guide: Warm doublet and snowquill set

Keeping comfortable is one of a initial environmental hazards you’ll learn to hoop in Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, prolonged before we get a warm doublet and or a snowquill set. There are several areas around a universe that are too cold for we to safely explore. Elixirs can assistance we conduct your physique temperature, though they’re proxy and aren’t always clever adequate to entirely lessen a cold’s effects. Luckily, there is armor in a diversion that will help.

Warm doublet

The initial square of cold continue rigging you’ll collect adult is a comfortable doublet. It won’t strengthen we much, though it’ll take a corner off of a cold. There are 4 ways to get it.

  • Read a Old Man’s diary in his hovel on a Great Plateau, afterwards prepare a dish regulating a spicy pepper, meat and a Hyrule bass. Show a dish to a Old Man, and he’ll give we a warm doublet.
  • If we climb to a tip of Mount Hylia on a Great Plateau (before we finish a trials on a Great Plateau), a Old Man will seem and give we a warm doublet as a reward.
  • After we finish a Great Plateau, a Old Man will leave a warm doublet in his hut.
  • You can buy a warm doublet in Hateno Village for 80 rupees.

Snowquill set

The warm doublet is a good start, though exploring a cold areas of a map — like Mount Lanayru or fighting a Divine Beast Vah Medoh — will need improved (and warmer) clothes. And that’s because we wish a snowquill set.

You can buy this set — a snowquill tunic, a snowquill trousers and a snowquill headdress — from a emporium in Rito Village for 2,150 rupees. It’s not cheap, though shopping this set will let we forget about cold climates, period.

Upgrading a snowquill set

You can ascent a snowquill set during a Great Fairy fountains.

At a second level, wearing all 3 pieces of this set will give we a unfreezable set bonus, which, unsurprisingly, will forestall we from removing frozen.

Both red chuchus and red lizalfos are common on a highway heading to Goron City on Death Mountain. Warm safflina can be found in a highlands of a Gerudo Desert (in a northwest area of Gerudo Desert nearby Kema Kosassa shrine) and Hyrule Ridge.

The other approach to get red chuchu jelly is to possibly kill a unchanging chuchu with glow repairs or prepare unchanging chuchu jelly (or strike it with glow damage).

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