Zelda: Breath of a Wild speedrunner scarcely breaks universe record with tree surfing


By approach of some engaging tech and a Wii U chronicle of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, speedrunner RasenUrns scarcely strike a new universe (amiibo use) record. As common there’s a lot of stasis trickery, including a bit 18 mins in where they ready a tree, use stasis to ready it for launch, afterwards float it to a subsequent compulsory shrine. They do it again during roughly 21 mins in and 22:30 and male is it a steer to behold!

We’ve seen copiousness of production strategy in this past year, though it’s crazy to see a tech implemented in speedruns as folks daub some-more and some-more into granular ways to trim seconds off their time. Speaking of time RasenUrns managed to strike 38 minutes, 36 seconds; and as is standard for a speedrun he defeats a final trainer with only a 3 starting hearts.

In box we were extraordinary Wolhaiksong still binds a amiibo run universe record during 3 seconds faster than RasenUrns. Even so, a marathon is distant from over! We could see someone come totally out of left margin with something new.

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