Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Gets Owned By Log

Last night speedrunner Zant was attempting a Master Sword RTA run of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild when a record he was drifting on motionless to retreat instruction and wreck him instead.

His contingent time of 2:42:27 was still good adequate to acquire 7th place in a difficulty altogether (the Master Sword RTA run usually includes removing a weapon, not indeed defeating Ganon) yet it could have been several mins improved if a game’s production didn’t confirm to go haywire on him.

“What a F…” he pronounced violation into a fit of giggles. “That’s never happened.” This isn’t the initial time a record has acted adult on a Breath of a Wild player, yet it’s really one of a many violent.


His time was botched and after reviving he immediately messed adult on another tree launch (for a uninitiated, Breath of a Wild speedruns revolve around hammering objects to store adult kinetic appetite and afterwards float them once they lauch into a atmosphere in sequence to span prolonged distances quickly). In his tide though, Zant pronounced he wasn’t even upset. “So value for a memes,” he said, revelation viewers he was going to recommit himself to not removing strike by drifting trees.

Later in a night his use and fitness paid off, achieving a improved time of 2:33:50. He still has a ways to go in sequence to compare cookiepocalypse’s significantly faster first-place record of 2:13:06 (although that time used an Amiibo).

Speedrunning is about hearing and error, however, and finding weird anomalies in how games work is what creates it all value it.

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