Zelda: Breath of a Wild – Hylian Shield location, how to kick Stalnox for a best defense in a game

How to get a Hylian Shield in Zelda: Breath of a Wild

The Hylian Shield is found in a chest inside a Lockup, that is an area of dungeons underneath a castle. Thankfully, a lane there will take we reduction than 10 minutes, that includes a time to take down a discerning and easy mini-boss.

To get there, start in a drift outward a castle, and get yourself to a south west corner, by a moat, subsequent to a nearest hulk obelisk that protrudes towards a castle.

Be heedful there are Guardians all around around these grounds, so we might have to better them (our page on how to kick Guardians easily can help) or scurry past them and their targeting lasers to get there.

If we demeanour north from a moat, you’ll see a coast of a minecart lane in a rocks, only above a water.

Glide over and float into a cavern, and follow a lane to a end. Take out a Keeses along a way, while a Stone Pebblits can be simply dispatched with a few Bombs.

At a finish is a minecart. Jump in, afterwards dump and erupt bombs into a finish dungeon to propel we along a track.

The brief float will take we to another cove nearby. Head by a doorway, and you’ll see a trail going adult along a left wall that’s lined with torches.

Follow it up, take a linear mezzanine down to a burst wall. Blow it adult with a Bomb.

If we demeanour during your map, you’re be in a dilemma of a subterraneous caverns. The place we need to conduct to is a vast cylindrical room that’s tighten by.

To get there, take go left afterwards left again, to strech a mezzanine with a jail dungeon to your left – you’ll be told it’s a Lockup so we know you’re in a right place.

At a finish of this mezzanine is a burst doorway on a left. Blow it adult with a Bomb to enter a jail cell.

In a jail cell, fire by a mangled bars on a left and take out a Calamity Eye to open a dungeon door.

The subsequent area is filled with enemies, though feel giveaway to omit them. Instead, spin left out of a cell, and run to a distant finish area, where a cyclical room – and a Shield – is located. Head inside.

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