Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: Trial of a Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 4 walkthrough

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’s Master Trials DLC, Trial of a Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 4 doesn’t have a lot of subtlety. Between we and a exit are 4 red and dual blue bokoblins to fight. They’re comparatively well-armed, yet they’re flattering widespread out.

The blueprint of Underground Floor 4 means that unctuous around is difficult. You’re going to get speckled earlier rather than later. And when we supplement in a archer during a tip of a tree installation with glow arrows, it gets to be a pain.


Before we leave any Underground Floor, make certain we pound or bake each bin and tub we see. The essence are (mostly) random, yet we competence quarrel find arrows (alone, in bundles or even special ammo like glow arrows) as good as food like apples, swift lotus seeds, strong bananas, palm fruit, wildberries and a accumulation of mushrooms. We have a list of this Underground Floor’s items during a finish of this guide, so we won’t skip any. 

Underground Floor 4 walkthrough

Luckily, a bokoblins are spaced out distant adequate that we can kite them behind to we and hoop them one during a time. This will let we hoop a initial dual red and initial blue bokoblins individually.

Use a steel bin to kick adult a remaining bokoblins.

That clears out all by a initial turn of a fort. There are dual steel crates watchful for we on a alighting that we can afterwards use to take on a remaining dual bokoblins. Just make certain a blue one doesn’t hide adult on you. The final bokoblin is during a tip of a unequivocally high platform. It’s usually armed with a spear, though, so you’re protected to omit it for as prolonged as we need to.

The usually additional thing to squeeze on this building are a bird eggs in a vast tree in a behind left corner. Everything else in in a wooden and steel crates and a barrels in a categorical tree fort. Push them off of high platforms or pound (or burn) them to get a goodies inside.

We don’t suggest doing it this way.

A discerning final note: It’s tantalizing to stand a unequivocally high height and try to toss bombs down on a bokoblins. We don’t suggest this. You’re unprotected while climbing. When we strech a top, you’re surrounded by bomb barrels. And we can unequivocally usually strech one or dual (if you’re lucky) enemies.

Underground Floor 4 armor, weapons and food

Nearly each subterraneous building in Trial of a Sword includes some multiple of armor, weapons and food that we should collect before withdrawal and use in successive levels. Here’s what we can find in this subterraneous floor.

Underground Floor 4 armor and weapons
  • Traveler’s stalk (red bokoblin on high platform)
  • Boko stalk (red bokoblin)
  • Boko bar (red bokoblin)
  • Spiked Boko bat (blue bokoblin)
  • Soldier’s defense (blue bokoblin)
  • Soldier’s broadsword (blue bokoblin)
  • Traveler’s crawl (red bokoblin)
  • Arrows (metal crate)
  • Fire arrows (wooden bin during tip of fort)
Underground Floor 4 food
  • Bird eggs (large tree in behind left corner)
  • Wooden crates about median adult a bokoblin fort

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