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Trial of a Sword: Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 introduces a new turn on a trials in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’s The Master Trials DLC. The successive set of bedrooms are totally dim — until we better all a enemies. You usually have to do it in a dark.


Before we leave any Underground Floor, make certain we pound or bake each bin and tub we see. The essence are (mostly) random, though we competence quarrel find arrows (alone, in bundles or even special ammo like glow arrows) as good as food like apples, swift lotus seeds, strong bananas, palm fruit, wildberries and a accumulation of mushrooms. We have a list of this Underground Floor’s items during a finish of this guide, so we won’t skip any. 

Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 walkthrough

The initial building of this set of trials is a peaceful introduction to a concept. You’re usually adult opposite a handful of fire keese and one electric chuchu. The keese (keeses?) usually have one strike indicate (1/4 heart), so we can kill them with literally anything — including a tree branch or torch.

The easiest approach to start this building is to press down on a D-pad. You’ll alarm for a nonexistent horse, that will attract a courtesy of a dual nearest keese and a electric chuchu. Hit a keese with whatever we occur to have equipped, afterwards glow off an arrow during a chuchu. That’ll take it out though endangering you.

If we unequivocally feel a need, light a flame we picked adult behind on a prior floor, though we unequivocally don’t need it. Walk true brazen to a successive set of torches. About a time we travel over a exit portal, 3 some-more keeses will conflict from above and behind you. The usually thing we have to worry about is throwing on fire. So prolonged as we don’t do that, these 3 keeses are a finish of a trial. There’s not even anything to collect adult here unless we wish some firewood or a few acorns.

Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 armor, weapons and food

Nearly each subterraneous building in Trial of a Sword includes some multiple of armor, weapons and food that we should collect before withdrawal and use in successive levels. Except for this one.

Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 armor and weapons
  • None
Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 food
  • None
Middle Trials: Underground Floor 6 value chest(s)
  • None

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