Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: The Master Trials: Trial of a Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 walkthrough

Trial of a Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 is a conflict between we and 8 stalkoblins on stalhorses. In this spin of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’s The Master Trials DLC, removing tighten to your enemies is a wrong proceed and a recipe for losing hearts. Your remote bombs will make Underground Floor 4 easier to conduct and keep we during a protected distance. In this guide, we’ll uncover we how it’s done.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 walkthrough

  1. The initial 5 stalkoblins on stalhorses are going to notice we and bear down on we immediately. Toss a remote bomb into a organisation when they get near.
  2. Clean adult any that didn’t get taken out by a bomb. Just try to equivocate attack or targeting a stalhorses — we can’t kill them and they only confuse we from a stalkoblins.
  3. Pick adult anything they dump (and they’ll dump a lot), afterwards spin and conduct toward a northeast corner.
  4. In a northeast dilemma of a room, there are 3 some-more mounted stalkoblins armed with bows. And one of them is banishment shock arrows. Climb a wall between we and your enemies. They’ll assign when they see you.
  5. Use a remote explosve from a reserve of a tip of a wall to hit a mounted stalkoblins off of their horses, and burst down to finish them off.
  6. Sweep a room for crates to smash. There are a integrate wooden crates in some hull to a northwest and dual steel crates on a height on a right side of a room.

If we find yourself in a parsimonious mark during possibly of these fights, we can fire a (stal)horse instead of a stalkoblin. This lets we be a small messy and will still cocktail a conduct off a same approach attack a stalkoblin itself would.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 armor, weapons and food

Nearly each subterraneous building in Trial of a Sword includes some multiple of armor, weapons and food that we should collect before withdrawal and use in successive levels. Here’s what we can find in this subterraneous floor.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 armor and weapons
  • Dragonbone boko bat
  • Boko spear
  • Dragonbone boko club
  • Dragonbone boko spear
  • Spiked boko bow
  • Arrows (metal crates on height on a right)
Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 food
  • Crates (in busted structure in a northwest)
Final Trials: Underground Floor 4 value chest
  • None

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