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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, you’ve substantially beheld deposits of luminous stones as you’ve wandered around Hyrule during night. They’re intense ore deposits that are kind of tough to miss. It’s a small harder, though, to figure out what we should use them for. In this guide, we’ll tell we where to find eager stones and what we can use them for.

Where to find eager stones

There are a few locations in Breath of a Wild that are full of eager stones, and there are dual tricks that will make eager stones even easier to collect. First, demeanour for them during night — like a name suggests, they heat in a dark. Second, use an iron sledgehammer to mangle a rocks they’re stealing in. If we don’t have one, a easiest one to find will be disposition opposite your house. Assuming you’ve finished a ‘Hylian Homeowner’ side quest, one will respawn here with any Blood Moon.

Zora’s Domain

Just north (and a small west) of where Divine Beast Vah Ruta settles, there’s an outcropping of stone with a few deposits of eager stones.

Ya Naga Hideout

The dual shrines on possibly side of a Yiga Clan hideout any have several deposits around them. Travel to Sho Dantu and Kuh Takkar shrines to collect your eager stones.

Dracozu River

By far, a densest deposits of eager stones are along a easterly side of a Dracozu River valley. Travel to Faron Tower and paraglide your approach north. Along a cliffs and ledges on a eastern wall, there’s a prolonged line of deposits usually watchful for we to claim.

What to use eager stones for

There are usually a few uses for eager stones. It’s tantalizing to sell them for 70 rupees, though there are cases where you’ll wish (and need) a garland of them.

‘Luminous Stone Gathering’ side quest

After we better Divine Beast Vah Ruta, there’s a Zora named Ledo we can pronounce to in Zora’s Domain. Ledo will trade we dual diamonds for 10 luminous stones (and afterwards one solid for 10 on successive visits).

You can do this as many times as we wish if we need diamonds — like to reforge a lightscale trident — though a sell doesn’t work in your preference when it comes to rupees. Luminous stones sell for 70 rupees each, so 10 of them would net we 700, while diamonds usually sell for 500.

Buying and upgrading a eager set

In Gerudo Town, there’s a tip emporium that you’ll speak we approach into during a “Gerudo Secret Club” side quest. Inside, you’ll be means to buy a radiant set for 2,400 rupees and 9 eager stones. Upgrading a set during a Great Fairy fountain will take another 129 eager stones.

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