Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: object storage

Managing your register in Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is a bit of a churned bag. Some of your stashes are unlimited, like your materials and outfits. Your dish stash, on a other hand, is calculable and can’t be expanded. Your other 3 stashes — your weapons, bows and shields — can be stretched with a small work and some assistance from Hestu.

But what if we wish to store some of your register outward of your pockets? There is a approach in Breath of a Wild to store 3 weapons, 3 shields and 3 bows.

Hylian Homeowner

The initial step to do this is to finish a “Hylian Homeowner” side query in Hateno Village. Once your new home is totally upgraded, you’ll find 9 mounts in a dining room.

When we travel adult to these mounts, we can select to arrangement a weapon, defense or crawl we now have equipped. These equipment will stay here indefinitely. You can barter them out as most as we like and lapse here whenever we wish to collect one.

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