Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: How to use a Hero’s Path

The Master Trials, a initial enlargement to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, brings a Hero’s Path to your map as shortly as we download a DLC. Press X on your map screen, and a Hero’s Path will let we retrace your tour opposite Hyrule (or during slightest approximately a initial 200 hours or so). In this guide, we’ll uncover we how to use a Hero’s Path.

How to control a Hero’s Path

The Hero’s Path in action. Please do not count (or judge) all a deaths in this GIF.

The analog thumbsticks control a map and wizz like normally, though a D-pad adds some functions. You have a few options for determining a Hero’s Path (after we press X on a map screen) with a D-pad:

  • Left and right dumpy by your timeline, and adult and down control a speed.
  • The A symbol plays behind your stairs (either brazen or backward).
  • The B symbol pauses playback.

Using a Hero’s Path

It takes a small use (and a bit of frustration) to scheme a playhead by your timeline, though that’s not how a Hero’s Path is many useful.

The Hero’s Path playback speed — even during a top — is not unequivocally fast, so examination your diversion from commencement to finish is going to take we a while. But we can dumpy by a timeline faster when a playback is paused (with a B button). You can control a scrubbing speed a same approach we can with playback — with adult and down on a D-pad.

As fun as it is to watch your small idol using around (and failing over and over), we unequivocally usually need to demeanour during a many new map. It’ll uncover we all of a places you’ve been and, some-more importantly, where we haven’t been. This can assistance we find all those shrines and koroks sparse opposite a universe that we might’ve missed. Especially when we mix it with a korok mask.

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