Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: How to find a Travel Medallion in a Master Trials DLC

The Master Trials DLC brings a Travel Medallion and a compared “EX Teleportation Rumors!” side query into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. The Travel Medallion lets we emanate an ad pawn quick transport plcae wherever you’re standing. You can leave, afterwards come right behind though wanting to find a circuitously tabernacle or tower.

You can usually have one Travel Medallion quick transport plcae during a time, so you’ll have to be a small clever about how we use it. Put differently, formulating a second indicate will erase a initial one.

The EX Teleportation Rumors! side quest

When we foot adult Breath of a Wild after installing The Master Trials DLC, you’ll accept a EX Teleportation Rumors!” side quest. Its content says:

Rumor has it there’s a apparatus that allows we to now transport to wherever you’ve placed it.

Apparently South Akkala Stable has a duplicate of Super Rumor Mill EX, that sum some rumors about this singular item…

Shockingly, a initial thing we need to do is transport to South Akkala Stable.

How to find a Travel Medallion: South Akkala Stable

Inside South Akkala Stable, you’ll find a Super Rumor Mill EX book

Travel to South Akkala Stable, in northeastern Hyrule. The closest diverge indicate is Ze Kasho shrine. Enter a stable, and demeanour for a book on a table. Read it, and you’ll find a new waypoint in a EX Teleportation Rumors! side quest. The quest’s content afterwards changes to:

You review Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 2! According to this special issue, there are rumors of an object that lets we now transport to a plcae of your choosing.

The value chest containing this object is presumably located in northeast Akkala, dark underneath a labyrinth.

If we trust a rumors, try to find a intricacy and locate a value chest!

Tu Ka’loh shrine on Lomei Labyrinth Island

The content refers to Lomei Labyrinth Island, an island off a seashore during a distant northeast of Hyrule. Beyond The Master Trials, both a Trail of a Labyrinth tabernacle quest and Tu Ka’loh shrine (the closest diverge point) seem there.

If we haven’t finished a Trail of a Labyrinth tabernacle quest and Tu Ka’loh shrine, check out a guides, that will assistance we navigate a maze.

How to find a Travel Medallion: Lomei Labyrinth Island

The trail forward of we is filled with Guardians. Since you’re in a area, make a outing to a Akkala Ancient Tech Lab to squeeze a Ancient Armor, that provides repairs rebate conflicting Breath of a Wild’s automatic foes. Of course, if we already have it, supply and cruise upgrading it. And while you’re there, it’s a good thought to buy some Ancient Arrows, that kill guardians with one headshot eyeshot.

Just in front of Tu Ka’loh shrine, you’ll see an updraft streaming adult from a hole in a ground. Jump down into it.

After we land, directly in front if we on a small podium, you’ll find a treasure chest with a Diamond Circlet, that decreases repairs from Guardians. It’s a excellent thing to have here, deliberation that you’re surrounded by Guardians, and as shortly as we open a chest, 4 of them will take aim during you.

Equip a Ancient Armor, Guardian weapons or a Master Sword (check out a Master Sword guide if we don’t have it yet), a Hylian Shield (it deflects Guardian lasers, and we can get it simply with a Hylian Shield guide) and any Ancient Arrows we have in your register to quarrel a mechanized beasts.

You don’t have to quarrel them all, though we can’t equivocate some of them. Use a room’s pillars and Guardians as cover to retard a Guardians’ lasers. But beware: some deactivated Guardians aren’t indeed deactivated, and they might open to life when we approach.

We fought all of a Guardians and looted a deactivated ones, since this room is a cornucopia of Ancient Gears, Ancient Springs, Ancient Screws and Ancient Shafts — and we can never have too many of those.

The value chest (marked with an “EX”) containing a Travel Medallion is on a side of a room conflicting a updraft, sitting conflicting a wall. Opening it will finish a “EX Teleportation Rumors!” side quest.

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