Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: How to find a Phantom armor in a Master Trials DLC

The “EX Treasure: Phantasma’ side query that The Master Trials DLC adds to Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild will let we find a Phantom armor from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

The Phantom armor set will boost your attack, though we can’t ascent it during a Great Fairy fountain or color it during a Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village.

Collecting this set will take a bit of using around Hyrule Field, and will move we adult conflicting some super tough enemies. We’ll assistance we ready in a sections below.

Misko’s EX Journal: Outpost Ruins

The “EX Treasure: Twilight Relic” side query for a helmet appears automatically a initial time we start a diversion with a DLC installed. Its content reads:

The stately family of Hyrule collected historically poignant outfits, though they were stolen by a criminal named Misko. Anong a equipment stolen was some unreal armor.

There’s a biography that places a locations of a value somewhere in a Outpost Ruins…

Approaching a Outpost Ruins from a southwest.

The plcae of Misko’s EX Journal in a Outpost Ruins.

Head to Ja Baij shrine on a eastern corner of a Great Plateau. Turn directly northeast and paraglide down off a plateau. Continue northeast until we see a Outpost Ruins. Just on a other side of a initial wall we see, you’ll find Misko’s EX Journal.

Reading Misko’s EX Journal will refurbish your journey record for all 8 of a stolen corpse — Majora’s Mask, a Tingle set, Midna’s

and a Phantom set. For a unreal armor, Misko wrote:

Armor ragged by extreme phantoms, feared even by heroes, is dark in a hull of Hyrule Field. Find these pieces during a bridgehead where dauntless souls tested their skill… during rite belligerent where stately guards are honored… and during a hull where a soldiers of Hyrule gathered.

How to find a Phantom Helmet: Coliseum Ruins

The monster-filled coliseum.

The initial plcae mentioned by Misko, “a bridgehead where dauntless souls tested their skill,” is a Coliseum Ruins. If we haven’t been here before, it’s only easterly of a Outskirt Stable and only north of a Great Plateau.

There’s no discerning approach to get here — you’ll have to do some walking wherever we start. The many approach trail is from Kaam Ya’tak shrine where we can find a highway that leads true into a ruins.

Lynels are no joke.

Before we go charging into a coliseum, a warning: There’s a lynel in here. There’s no indicate in a diversion where fighting a lynel is easy, so be prepared. If you’re going to take it on, make certain we have copiousness of recovering dishes and elixirs and during slightest one unequivocally good weapon. If you’re going to try to equivocate it or run in and out though dying, we wish we luck. Let us know how (or if) that worked out for you.

Use magnesis to prominence a EX value chest.

The Phantom Helmet stats and description.

The value chest containing a Phantom helmet is buried in a belligerent conflicting a wall to a northeast — it’s to a right when we travel in.

How to find a Phantom Greaves: Hyrule Garrison Ruins

Hyrule Garrison Ruins location

For a subsequent square in a set, conduct to a Central Tower. Turn to a southeast and paraglide down into a Hyrule Garrison Ruins.

Guardian unknowingly that it’s about to get shot in a eye.

There are a integrate guardians here that you’ll have to understanding with or avoid. Head to a Akkala Ancient Tech Lab to collect adult some ancient arrows before we take them on. An ancient arrow will dump a defender with a singular shot to a eye. If you’re clever (or lucky) we competence be means to equivocate them altogether.

Use magnesis again to lift adult a EX value chest.

Phantom Greaves stats and description.

Your idea is a small serve to a southeast of a intersection. Look for a shabby defender subsequent to a low wall.

How to find a Phantom Armor: Sacred Ground Ruins

Sacred Ground Ruins plcae — there’s also a Captured Memory right here.

The final square of a Phantom set is watchful for we during a Sacred Ground Ruins. You might have been here before while collecting Captured Memories. Just like removing to a coliseum, you’re going to have to do a lot of walking to get there.

You can start during Katah Chuki shrine and follow a roads to a east, though it’s going to take we by a garland some-more guardians. If you’ve got a ancient arrows or like a challenge, go for it.

If you’d rather hide in a safer way, start walking north-northeast from where we picked adult a Phantom Greaves — directly northeast from a Central Tower. You’ll travel onto a Sacred Ground Ruins from a conflicting direction. There won’t be any roads to follow, though you’re not going to run into all those guardians.

Use magnesis to lift a EX value chest of out a water.

Phantom Armor stats and description.

In a core of a Sacred Ground Ruins, activate your magnesis and demeanour to a southeast. The EX value chest is in a H2O right in front of you. Get a chest adult onto a mill with we and open it for a Phantom Armor.

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