Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: How to find and accumulate korok seeds

It won’t take prolonged personification Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild before we run out of room to collect adult some-more weapons. This is easy adequate to repair if we put in a small work. Throughout Hyrule, there are creatures called koroks. When we find them, they’ll give we a korok seed. You give these seeds behind to another korok named Hestu in sell for an additional container in one of your register categories.

There are a sum of 900 koroks in Breath of a Wild, yet we customarily need to find 441 seeds to max out your inventory. With so many koroks stealing around a map, it’s flattering easy to find their trials. They’re not always easy to exhibit a korok and explain your seed, though. Below, we’ll travel we by all we need to know about korok seeds and expanding your inventory.

Finding and entertainment korok seeds

There are 900 koroks sparse around Hyrule, so a brief answer to anticipating one is to take 3 stairs and demeanour around. It’s not utterly that simple, yet it’s not unequivocally a formidable process. The pivotal to anticipating koroks is to demeanour for something out of place. Look for things like a stone that’s sitting on tip of a pillar, or a balloon with a aim embellished on it, or an assumed arrangement of stones.

If we listen really carefully, you’ll also hear a wooden windchime sound when you’re tighten to a korok.

There are 13(ish) ways you’ll confront koroks in a (Breath of the) wild.

Sparkling leaves

These are a easiest to find since they’re out in a open. You’ll customarily find them after climbing adult to a really tip of something like a building, a building or a flagpole.

Running stimulating leaves

Sometimes a stimulating leaves are racing around a location. You usually have to get tighten and inspect a sparkles.

Under rocks

This is a many common form of korok you’ll find. Just watch for an astonishing stone in a sincerely celebrated place. Lift a stone to find a korok.

Under rocks with an additional step

Sometimes we have to perform an additional step to find a stone to collect up. Look for something else out of place like a raise of leaves or a cube of ice. Destroy whatever it is — customarily by blazing — to find a stone to collect up.


Throughout Hyrule, you’ll come opposite sets of statues with offerings in a tray in front of them. Drop a relating square of fruit into a dull tray to exhibit a korok.


There are a few variations on this theme, yet they all boil down to a same thing — use your crawl to destroy a thing and you’ll find a korok. Sometimes it’s an acorn in a record or a vale of a tree, or some series of balloons to shoot.

The many apparent chronicle of these trials is to watch for a pinwheel. Standing subsequent to these will start a trial.

Race (Pilotwings trials)

These are customarily noted with a branch to mount on. When we do, a ring of lights will appear. Your charge is to competition to (or through) a ring before a lights go out.


Watch for rings of plants on a water. Diving by these will exhibit a korok.

Rock patterns

These trials also have a few variations, yet a charge itself is flattering elementary — finish a pattern. You usually have to place a final stone to finish a pattern.

Sometimes it can be formidable to find that final rock, though. Use stasis to prominence them — this will make your pursuit much, most easier.

Cube patterns

These are fundamentally magnesis trials. When we find a raise of steel blocks in a sculpture-like pattern, there will be a lax steel retard nearby. Use magnesis to make a piles compare and a korok will uncover adult to prerogative you.

Ball and chain

A few times, we will find a steel round on a chain. You have to use magnesis to place a steel round into a circuitously depression, or, like you’ll see below, arrange related steel balls in a pattern.

Flower trails

Some koroks censor during a finish of a route of 5 flowers. Watch for a yellow flower that disappears when we hold it. Look around for a new flower to appear, afterwards go to that one. Repeat this routine until we find a korok.

Boulder in a hole

You will spasmodic come opposite an out-of-place boulder. Look circuitously for a hole in a ground. Push a stone (or delicately use stasis) into a hole to find a korok.

Match a trees

If we come opposite a set of fruit trees that demeanour suspiciously similar, your charge is to make them all match. In a picture above, we can see that a right dual trees customarily have one apple each. Remove a 4 apples on a leftmost tree so that it looks like a neighbors to exhibit a korok.

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