Zelda Breath of a Wild guide: How to kick Trial of a Sword’s Final Trials

The Master Trials DLC gives Link a new plea to transparent a full potential of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’s Master Sword. But first, you’ll have to infer yourself opposite an insanely formidable gauntlet in The Trial of a Sword’s Final Trials.

Truth is, it’s not so bad. You usually have to devise accordingly. In this guide, we’ll expose we how.

In short, violence a Final Trials is reduction about training how to quarrel and some-more about training how to consider about fighting (and cooking). You need a devise from a unequivocally initial Underground Floor. That’s a large philosophical change from a Beginning and Middle Trials, yet it’s elementary to learn and execute.

Reframing a proceed altered a Final Trials from a clearly unfit quarrel to an simply solvable puzzle. When we figured out a tricks, it felt like looking by a Matrix. Here’s how we can do it, too.

It’s OK to dump some-more weapons than we use

Between all of a enemies you’re adult against, a value chests we expose and a handful of weapons we can remodel on Underground Floor 7, you’re never going to run out of weapons. In fact, you’ll substantially start dropping weapons proceed progressing than you’d expect.

The prior sets of trials lerned we to collect adult everything. In a Final Trails, though, we can be a small some-more picky. You usually have to be picky formed on what’s entrance up.

There are 4 phases to a Final Trials. Here’s how to consider about them, in propinquity to a weapons we carry:

  • Underground Floors 1 by 5 are stormy and full of lightning, so regulating steel weapons and shields is out. (However, we should collect adult any rusty steel arms and defense we find, in credentials for Underground Floor 7, where we can renovate them into many improved weapons.)
  • Underground Floors 7 by 11 are prohibited and full of lava, so wooden weapons and shields are out.
  • Underground Floors 13 by 17 are cold, yet there’s no genuine limitation on weapons (unless you’re regulating a arms to stay warm).
  • Underground Floors 19 by 23 are a super tough baddie free-for-all, so low continuance weapons are out.

The pretence is training that method so we can devise ahead. You need to keep adequate wooden weapons to get we by a initial 5 floors, while also picking adult adequate steel weapons to get we by a subsequent 5 and so on.

Don’t store your best weapons

You’ll fundamentally have your choice of weapons for your whole run by a Final Trials (assuming we don’t abuse your weapons). Don’t quarrel with a tree bend when we have something better.

Don’t skip any value chests

The value chest on Underground Floor 2 contains one of The Final Trials’ many absolute weapons

Hidden value chests will yield we with useful weapons and tools. And there are copiousness of them for we to expose along a way. Don’t skip them and, don’t store their contents. Use what we get. Deal damage.

Here’s a list of all Final Trials treasure chests and their contents:

Match a arms to a enemy

You don’t have to store your best weapons, yet we also don’t need to rubbish them.

The several stal-something enemies we quarrel on a initial 4 floors usually have one strike indicate each. In fact, a 23 enemies we face opposite a initial 4 floors have a sum of 45 strike points — and half of that comes from a dual electric chuchus on Underground Floor 3 (that we can still one-shot with a decent bow).

You don’t need a imagination arms to take out roughly any singular rivalry we face — literally anything will one-hit-kill them. You don’t have to wear down good weapons on low-level enemies.

One strike with a good frostblade kills this lizalfos

There are a integrate of fights where we one-shot or one-hit many/most of a enemies if we use a right weapon. Fire-based enemies, like a lizalfos on Underground Floors 7 by 11 or a wizzrobe on Underground Floor 9, are one-hit kills with an ice-based arms like a great frostblade we picked adult from a stalnox on Underground Floor 5 or with a ice arrows from a buried chest on a same floor.

Use arrows during any opportunity

Another thing you’re not going to run out of is arrows. (Well, presumption we don’t skip a lot.) Arrows, a many abundant arms in a Final Trials, let we spin a tables on a lot of a enemies we encounter.

You can fire a skulls of a stalmoblins on Underground Floor 3 before they even mount up. You’ll use arrows to shoot a eye out of a stalnox on Underground Floor 5. And you’ll use arrows via Underground Floors 7 yet 11 to get bullet time shots on a several enemies. Your arrows are useful opposite a guardians you’ll face in a final 5 rooms, too.

Ignore your parents’ recommendation and burst off of things

Eye shots are easier in bullet time

The critical thing to remember is to certain you’re not banishment blindly with arrows. Find something to burst off of — a tree or an updraft — and use a paraglide-bullet time pretence to make certain you’re not wasting ammo.

Use bombs everywhere we can

Just like in a Beginning and Middle Trials, remote bombs are your not-so-secret weapon. You can transparent whole levels (or many of other levels) though ever sketch your arms or bow. You usually have to be intelligent about it. Bombs are your hide conflict arms and your crowd-control weapon. Use them.

Relying heavily on your bombs means we save arrows and wear and rip on your weapons. Bombs competence not understanding a many damage, yet they’re giveaway and reliable.

Cook a best probable meals

There are 3 oasis levels in a Final Trials — Underground Floor 6, Underground Floor 12 and Underground Floor 18 — and 3 things we should do before coming their cooking pots.

Cook robust equipment by themselves

Every one of these levels contains during slightest one hearty food item.

Here’s a useful trick: Cook robust equipment by themselves. They’ll furnish a dish that will revitalise all of your red hearts and extend one or some-more additional yellow reward hearts.

Put differently, cooking 3 robust drum together will furnish one dish that restores all of your hearts (and grants reward hearts). But cooking any robust drum away will furnish 3 meals, any of that restores all of your hearts (and grants reward hearts).

Collect and use a fairies

Each oasis turn also includes during slightest one fairy, and a initial thing we should do on any one of these Underground Floors is crouch, hide adult to and collect them.

Use fairies to assistance we cook. Select one as an ingredient, and a ensuing dish will accept a reward to hearts or standing effects. We also kept one angel in a inventory, meaningful that, if we died, a angel would revitalise us.

Cook equipment with identical standing effects

Don’t brew equipment with opposite standing effects. If we mix mixture that give we a reward to strength with other mixture that give we a reward to speed, a dish we furnish will yield conjunction bonus. Group like equipment and pattern your dishes around them.

Find and store ancient arrows

You’re going to find a sum of 9 ancient arrows via a Final Trials. You find them 3 during a time on Underground Floor 6, Underground Floor 10 and Underground Floor 14.

Ancient arrows will (literally) destroy any rivalry we strike with them.

An ancient arrow destroys a lynel in one hit

Careful use of these changed arrows changes some of a hardest fights of a Final Trials into something else entirely. Our Final Trials walkthrough lays out where to use them:

  • Use one on a initial lynel we quarrel on Underground Floor 17. Fighting lynels is hard, and fighting lynels in a Trails of a Sword is even harder. So don’t.
  • Use one on a skywatcher guardian on Underground Floor 21. Instead of attack it with (what feels like) dozens of explosve arrows, we can fire it in a eye once with an ancient arrow and finish a fight.
  • Use 3 some-more on a 3 guardians on Underground Floor 22.
  • Use dual some-more on a lynel and a guardian on Underground Floor 23 — a final floor.

This leaves we with dual additional ancient arrows. You can possibly devise to use them somewhere else — like on a integrate of a guardians on Underground Floor 19 — or we can reason onto a extras in box we skip any of your shots.

It competence seem like a cop-out proceed to take on unequivocally tough fights, yet it’s unequivocally usually a smartest use of a collection accessible to you. Sure, we can kick your conduct opposite a wall that is a lynel, yet when we remove and have to quarrel your proceed behind by 17 floors usually to try again, is it unequivocally value it?

Bring it all together

Action shot!

All of this recommendation boils down to this: Prepare and quarrel smart. That’s a bit of a change from a “fight for your life” proceed during a Beginning and Middle Trials.

The Final Trials are arguably a many formidable plea you’ll face in Breath of a Wild — they’re even harder than a final quarrel of a diversion simply since we don’t have all a shiniest weapons and upgraded armor. The Beginning and Middle Trials make we gloss your fighting techniques. The Final Trials make we consider and devise ahead.

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