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Fang and Bone is a tip emporium in Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild owned and operated by a man(?) named Kilton. You’ll have to do a small work before we can emporium there. Also, this emporium is usually open during night, and it comes with a possess market-destabilizing, establishment-fighting currency.

Below, we’ll transport we by how to open adult this new shop, where we can find it, how to modify your beast tools into this new banking and what we can spend that banking on.

Table of contents

  • How to find Kilton
  • Fang and Bone locations
  • What is mon?
  • What can we buy with mon?
  • Kilton’s Medals of Honor

How to find Kilton

Before Kilton opens shop, we have to find him and speak to him. Head to a really northeast dilemma of a map, to a west of a Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. You’ll find Kilton for a initial time (and usually for this time) on a western eye island of Skull Lake. The fastest approach to get here is to transport to Zuna Kai shrine, afterwards burst off a west side of a post and paraglide down.

You’ll have to revisit during night (or go there, afterwards build yourself a fire) to find Kilton. Talk to him, and he’ll eventually announce that he’s going to open his shop, Fang and Bone. He’ll disappear, and you’ll be means to revisit his emporium whenever we want. As prolonged as we wish to revisit during night.

Fang and Bone locations

You’ll find Kilton and his roving emporium on a hinterland of many categorical villages via Hyrule. You competence have to put in a small work to get to him, though we can roughly always see a emporium from a nearest shrine.

Kilton and a Fang and Bone emporium are like Beedle — they’re usually kind of everywhere we are whenever you’re there. The usually disproportion is that Kilton is usually around during night. You can find him during any of a next locations on any night. Or we can transport between several towns and find him during any of them.

Gerudo Town

Turn to a northwest from Daqo Chisay shrine. You’ll see Kilton’s emporium sitting on some mill hull nearby.

Hateno Village

Travel to Myahm Agana shrine. You’ll be confronting in a right instruction to see a shop. It’s to a northwest of a city here as well.

Kakariko Village

When we transport to Ta’loh Naeg shrine (assuming it’s during night), you’ll be means to see a emporium in a distance. It’s behind and above Impa’s house to a southwest of town. Put on a Zora armor and float adult a rapids to get there.

Lurelin Village

In a southeast of Hyrule is Lurelin Village. Kilton is here, too, though you’ll have to transport a bit to get to him. Travel to Yah Rin shrine. He’s to a south of a city on a conflicting side of a bay.

Rito Village

Kilton is true to a north of Rito Town. You can paraglide down from possibly a Divine Beast Vah Medoh or Akh Va’quot shrine. You can also run over land from Sha Warvo shrine, though it’s a lot reduction fun.

Tarrey Town (Lake Akkala)

It doesn’t indeed matter if you’ve finished a “From a Ground Up” side quest for Kilton to uncover adult here. Travel to Dah Hesho shrine and paraglide down to a H2O underneath a healthy overpass to a easterly of town.

Zora’s Domain

The easiest to get to of Kilton’s locations is usually to a southwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s immediately behind Dagah Keek shrine — it’s flattering tough to miss.

What is mon?

Kilton has his possess banking that usually he uses. He’ll give we mon in sell for monster parts. The rarer a beast item, a some-more mon you’ll get for it. That’s kind of all there is to it.

What can we buy with mon?

Kilton has his possess batch of singular equipment for sale. More equipment will turn accessible as we better a Divine Beasts.

Kilton’s Medals of Honor

After we finish Breath of a Wild’s categorical story and better Ganon, you’ll learn a new discourse choice when articulate to Kilton. The brief chronicle is this: You’ll get a Medal of Honor: Talus for defeating all 40 Talus sub-bosses, a Medal of Honor: Hinox for defeating all 40 Hinox sub-bosses and a Medal of Honor: Molduga for defeating all 4 Molduga sub-bosses that are sparse around Hyrule.

There are a integrate critical things to note here. This isn’t usually a accumulative kill count. You have to find out all 84 unique sub-bosses and better them. But, thankfully, Blood Moons do not reset your count, so we can take your time.

These medals don’t indeed have any effect. But they’re good for bragging rights, honour and a well-earned clarity of accomplishment.

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