Zelda Breath of a Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Kee Dafunia tabernacle walkthrough and nonplus solutions (EX …

In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild guide, we’ll uncover we how to find Kee Dafunia shrine easterly of Ankel Island. You’ll need to find this tabernacle as partial of a EX Champion Mipha’s Song main story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new categorical story query for we to take on after you’ve tamed all 4 Divine Beasts. The initial theatre of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents we with a new array of hurdles on a Great Plateau. After that, we contingency finish a array of hurdles for any of a Champions.

To start EX Champion Mipha’s Song, we contingency find a mill relic with hints to a 3 hearing locations. The monument’s plcae was noted on your map when a One-Hit Obliterator split apart, though there are no circuitously shrines.

Your finish is to a southwest of Zora’s Domain opposite a East Reservoir Lake. No matter where we warp, you’re going to have a bit of a travel (and boyant and climb) forward of you. Just keep streamer toward a waypoint until we hear Kass’ accordion. (You competence have to quarrel a healthy tellurian instinct to run divided from accordion music.)


The mill relic displays 3 satellite-looking images of nearby. With a small investigator work and your map (or only by looking during a picture above), you’ll be means to find a estimate locations of your trials.

This waypoint is all a approach on a eastern seaside of Hylia on a other side of Ulria Grotto from Zora’s Domain. Travel to Ke’nai Shakah shrine, afterwards use one of a thermals during possibly finish of a ravine to boyant adult to a top.

Head easterly (and a small north) until we can see a mainstay of fume on a eastern horizon. You’ll find a campfire with a integrate zora. Muzu will remind we of a spirit we got here while we try to figure out your subsequent step.

Rest during a campfire until morning, afterwards demeanour down during a sea once a object rises. Just on a other side of a post islands, we will see a intense blue ring down in a H2O commencement somewhere around 5 a.m. Paraglide down and hold a ring, and a tabernacle will arise out of a water.

  1. Head down a stairs, afterwards squeeze a flame disposition opposite a brazier on a right. Pick it adult and light it. Cross a ice overpass to a dual vast blocks of ice on a other side.
  2. Melt one of a blocks with your flame until we can collect it up. Carry it with we into a subsequent room, afterwards mount on one of a switches. (This room is symmetrical, so we can go left or right to dump an ice block.)
  3. To make yourself stairs adult to a height in a center of a room, dump a retard you’re carrying subsequent to a ice retard that only fell from a ceiling. Relight your flame during a brazier during a behind of a room, afterwards mount your steps.
  4. Melt a initial dual blocks opposite a behind side of a height to exhibit a hovel underneath. Melt a retard shutting off that hovel to find a chest containing a durability up+ frostblade.
  5. Head behind outward (relight your flame and mount behind adult if we have to), afterwards warp another retard adequate to emanate some-more stairs up. You can put your flame divided to mount if we have to.
  6. Run past a vast ice retard during a tip of a height and into a subsequent room to relight your flame if we need it.
  7. Melt a ice retard on tip of a height only adequate to be means to collect it up. Put your flame divided immediately and collect adult a block.
  8. Carry it down into a room with a water, and chuck it underneath a low wall.
  9. Pick it adult or force it until it’s opposite a behind wall, afterwards mount on top.
  10. Use cryonis to place an ice retard underneath your feet — and underneath a retard you’re station on.
  11. Climb adult to a tip to accommodate Kee Dafunia and collect your Ruta Emblem.

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