Zelda Breath of a Wild Champions’ Ballad DLC guide: EX Treasure Garb of Winds side query (Island Lobster shirt)

The Champions’ Ballad downloadable calm for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild adds several new pieces of armor. The Island Lobster shirt is an loyalty to Wind Waker. Wearing it increases your feverishness resistance.

This beam will travel we by all a stairs for a EX: Treasure Garb of Winds side quest, from anticipating Misko’s EX Journal 2 to anticipating a gear.

Warp to Bosh Kala shrine and conduct southeast to a Deya Village Ruins in a center of Deya Lake. On an island in a center of a swamp, you’ll find a book, Misko’s EX Journal 2. The applicable partial reads:

The blue clothe of a favourite who tranquil a breeze and trafficked a sea is where a Menoat River was born.

In your side query menu, it says:

Misko’s EX Journal 2 describes where a blue clothe of a Hero of Winds is hidden…but where was a Menoat River born?

The Menoat River is directly south of Lake Tower, that is south of Lake Hylia. Warp to a tower, and slip south into Cora Lake.

Make your approach to a rocks during a distant west of Cora Lake. From a stone farthest west, we can use Magnesis to see a underwater value chest, though we can’t strech it from a rock. Use Cryonis to build ice platforms to move we closer to a chest. Then, atop of a tighten platform, use Magnesis to squeeze a chest. Place it on plain ground, and open it to get your new shirt.


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