YouTuber Builds Overwatch Weapons Out of LEGO Bricks

You can build your possess Overwatch weapons—if you’re learned with LEGO bricks.

Using an estimated 4,500 LEGO bricks, one YouTube creator built Reinhardt’s rocket produce from Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. He’s also built Tracer’s beat pistols, regulating around 800 pieces in total.

Reinhardt’s rocket produce is built to embody a 3 rocket thrusters and light-up empty vents. It clocks in during around 61 inches long, weighing over 15 pounds. Not utterly as large as Reinhardt’s in-game hammer, though still really impressive.

The dual-wielded pistols are done of a garland of specialty LEGO bricks, and implement watch batteries to light adult certain pieces. Tracer’s LEGO beat pistols can fire stuff, too. Using LEGO blue lasers, a pistols have a spring-loaded banishment mechanism.

Blizzard launched Overwatch worldwide on May 24, and given then, over 7 million players have logged some-more than 119 million hours in-game.

For tips on how to use Tracer, Reinhardt, and a rest of a Overwatch cast, check out IGN’s Overwatch impression guide.

Nicole is a freelance author for IGN who will infer herself in stately combat. You can follow her on Twitter.

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