“You’re 960th in queue”: Final Fantasy 14’s Shirogane housing is a disaster

The golden child of Final Fantasy is busted.

Or during slightest partial of it is. Final Fantasy XIV tends to be a concentration of regard when we speak about a stream standing of a series. But a game’s housing complement is a disaster, frequency doing a customary other tools of a diversion have set for it any justice.

Last week Patch 4.1 enclosed a residential housing area, Shirogane, vouchsafing players buy or immigrate a housing plot. In a code new housing ward, there are 720 housing plots permitted divided into 12 wards, any with a subdivision. When you’re on a high race server like Balmung or Leviathan it means we substantially aren’t going to have a place for a lovable Moogle wallpaper or Paissa dolls. To supplement to a urgency, housing comes in opposite sizes and tract grades. The biggest houses usually have 3 per ward, so if that’s your finish goal, be prepared for disappointment.

Final Fantasy XIV’s queues and server issues have also been notoriously bad given a launch of Stormblood. Some of that is outward of Square Enix’s control, though for situations like a housing launch no forgive unequivocally seems to ease a anger. As we set out to squeeze my possess tract in a new Shirogane district, those queues done for one of a reasons we was incompetent to accommodate a insane rush into a server. When we know there’s usually 720 plots permitted and your diversion launches with “you’re 960th in queue,” it’s over.

Before a server went down for maintenance, we used my routine. we firm my scurry pivotal to a some-more primary symbol on my keyboard, incited off actor names so we wouldn’t misclick them, ran several paths over and over so we could time a fastest. Myself and a dozens of people around me doing a same thing looked positively ridiculous, given we were. Instead of spending a time enjoying calm we compensate for any month, we were using circles to contest with any other over plots of land. It was nightmarish.


My investigate went on for hours before a servers went down, and we done certain to logout in a many ideal position with hundreds of other players surrounding me. My panic was fueled by linkshells, forums, conflict servers, and Twitter. Everyone on Leviathan wanted a house. As a crony described how his giveaway association had one chairman going to any ward, any with over 45 million gil for a vast house, we knew my possess Free Company was doomed. For many groups of players, that’s an unfit attainment and absurd customary to set.

They got a palace they set out for, while we wasn’t so propitious myself. we knew there was no possibility we was removing a personal residence when my giveaway association was priority, so as we frantically done my approach into Shirogane we quiescent myself to usually looking for a new Free Company home. The upside is that we got a tiny estate usually mins after a servers opened. We wanted a palace though they were all gone. And in reduction than 10 mins after Leviathan non-stop behind up, we couldn’t find a singular Shirogane house.

The beating overshadowed a unrestrained of new homeowners. Most of my friends away in a actor run and never indeed done it into a game. Other players were serve behind in a queue, and by a time they done it on all was gone. Between my launcher crashing and reserve time, I’m astounded we kick them to a tiny house.

The absurd stories entrance out of Final Fantasy XIV’s newest housing district given that morning don’t stop. The players that saved for months operative towards their dream home were not usually let down, though now contingency understanding with others who’ve bought adult plots usually to resell. The Final Fantasy XIV housing marketplace on Reddit is full of vast examples.

On high race servers like mine, some players are charging upwards of 500 million gil usually to relinquish a land for a vast Shirogane home. After that, there’s still a 45 million gil assign due to a game. That means you’re spending good over a volume ever dictated by Square Enix for housing, though it’s a complement so simply exploited I’m not certain what else they were expecting.

There’s a crowd of ways people have managed to take advantage of a system, too. While players are usually authorised one personal residence per character, it’s still probable to buy a residence for a giveaway association and a personal home. This has led many to emanate one-man giveaway companies so they can squeeze dual plots instead of one. Those that are propitious adequate can relog into a diversion and do it again on a second character. For a some-more vicious folks, some players would aim characters interacting with giveaway housing plots and trigger a trade. This cancels whatever a customer is doing and hull their chances during nabbing a home, withdrawal it giveaway for a actor that non-stop a trade.

Players were discerning to indicate out that this isn’t new either. It’s what creates a conditions so frustrating. Every further to housing we’ve seen has been abused by players looking to fast buy and resell, while those with slower connectors and a small reduction fitness don’t make it to a area in time to squeeze something they’ll indeed use. Many have taken their complaints outward a game, blustering Square Enix over an apparently injured system.

The sum disaster and ascent disappointment finally garnered a response from executive Naoki Yoshida on a central forums. While he acknowledges a game’s housing crisis, it’s tough to suppose how we’re behind in this position. The group prepared, however poorly, for a server bucket and attempted to take medicine movement opposite players that would abuse a relocation feature. Yet that complement backfired, eventually causing some-more some-more mistreat than good. Square Enix even mentioned that a servers would not open early, as they typically do after maintenance, in expectation of a demand.

It’s good to see Yoshida and his group rebellious a issue, though there’s small comfort in addressing this in a demeanour that feels like too small too late. More wards will be combined in all of Final Fantasy XIV’s housing districts for patch 4.2, though how they will forestall players from abusing such a damaged complement stays to be seen. It’s something that needs to be reevaluated from a belligerent up.

Housing isn’t high-end raid content. It’s not gated by ability and as prolonged as players can means it, homes for giveaway companies and personal plots should be accessible. It’s calm we’ve all paid for, though in a end, not something we can all enjoy.

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