You Can Take Some Lovely Photos In Yakuza 6

I spent a lot of time punching dudes into walls in Yakuza 6, though we also spent a lot of time erratic a streets of Tokyo (and a exhausted strand city of Onomichi) with my phone out, holding snaps to remind me of my good times doing good deeds.

Let’s get this straight: this is not a formidable in-game photography mode, so Assassin’s Creed Origins and Horizon Zero Dawn don’t have most to worry about in terms of competition. All we can do in Yakuza 6 is take your phone out, support a pic afterwards strike a button.

Oh, and take selfies.

But what Yakuza 6’s phone camera lacks in collection it creates adult for in just…letting we constraint Yakuza 6, a diversion that looks beautiful using on a series’ new Dragon Engine.


What we adore about Yakuza 6’s photography isn’t only that it captures your memories of a game, but that it lets we conclude a perfect volume of work that goes into building a cities. Every travel dilemma and behind alley in Yakuza 6 is unique, each noodle corner has a possess menu, and it’s implausible to take time out from a fight and using around to solidify a movement and conclude this.

It’s also a approach for a diversion to stop and take a breath. The Yakuza experience is so mostly sole as splendid lights and fury, though in existence most of a diversion is a pensive, roughly pondering experience. For each 30-second distracted fistfight you’ll spend mins erratic still backalleys, listening to a universe pass we by, and a game’s photos unequivocally assistance constraint this.


Below, then, is a collection of some of my favourite photos taken during my playthrough of a game. Unsurprisingly, given all we adore about this series (and a fact they’re mementos of fun times spent in an outlandish place), I’m in a uncanny space where we value them roughly as most as tangible photos taken on genuine holidays.



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