You Can Help Prove A ‘Pokémon GO’ Raid Urban Legend True Or False


Pokemon GO

The Pokémon GO village is buzzing about a probable bug that competence be dramatically shortening your chances of throwing raid bosses, Legendary raid bosses included.

The speculation is that there’s a glitch in Pokémon GO that creates it unfit to locate raid bosses with your final Premiere Ball. This discuss has been going on for a small while now, though was stoked serve when a video was posted to The Silph Road that showed a Magikarp, a easiest trainer in a land, now violation out of a “Great!” curveball when a Golden Razzberry had been used. These things happen, right? Not really, since of a approach constraint chances are calculated, a multiple of those factors should have meant a 100% constraint possibility for that Pokémon for that kind of throw.

But a discuss rages on. A lot of people have chimed in to contend they’ve had this “instant breakout” knowledge on a final round too and have never held a raid trainer on a final ball. Others swear they’ve held raid bosses on a final round before and seen it finished copiousness of times.

This has now incited into a annuity hunt, where a sought-after object is video explanation of a raid trainer being held on a final ball. This does not embody vicious captures, that is a very, unequivocally singular possibility to now constraint a Pokémon though any wiggling, that competence exist alone from this intensity bug. The thought is that there competence be some emanate syncing a UI with a server, definition that in a game’s mind, this final round doesn’t even exist, hence a present breakout.

There’s an engaging story in a annuity hunt thread about a man who was personification in Chicago when a Legendaries were auto-catch for a few days as a partial of a Pokémon GO Fest reparation tour. He pronounced as a fun he threw divided all his balls until a final one, though afterwards it pennyless out, overwhelming a 40 other people unresolved around a raid. If that’s not flattering clever justification of this problem existing, we don’t know what is.

Why is this a large deal? Because when a diversion usually gives we say, 8-12 balls per raid trainer on average, and depending on your skill, we competence skip with 1-5 of them, a thought that we could strike a good/great/perfect chuck on your final round and no matter what, it fails, that drastically reduces your altogether contingency of a locate any run. The some-more we can land hits, a some-more expected we are to locate a trainer after all your balls, though if a final round is automatically a dud, that totally throws a math off.

I privately don’t consider I’ve ever held a raid trainer on a final ball, so distant as we can recall, as that would be a flattering sparkling impulse we consider I’d remember when I’ve usually held maybe 10-15 raid bosses sum during this point.

But past my possess anecdotal experience, we trust this is loyal since with how prolonged this has been debated, and this annuity hunt going adult in The Silph Road, we am 99% certain we already would have seen justification of this not being a box if a bug didn’t exist and we could constraint routinely on a final ball. Pokémon GO has a huge playerbase and The Silph Road is full of a many dedicated players in a game. And nonetheless a usually justification being recounted or posted is some-more that supports a existence of a bug.

This competence not seem like a outrageous problem though it kind of is. Nothing is some-more frustrating right now than when a raid trainer we unequivocally wish flees, generally in a epoch of Legendaries, and if say, 10% of your balls and 20% of your hits are rendered totally invalid by this bug, all players will feel a effects of that. There’s zero wrong with bosses being tough to catch, though not since of a glitch.

So, if we wish in on a annuity hunt, and wish to infer me and everybody else wrong, record footage of yourself throwing a trainer on a final ball. And no vicious captures. If we can do this, you’ll be both a favourite and knave in a Pokémon GO community, though we have a camber this is really a bug that Niantic itself needs to residence ASAP.

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