Xbox One X Patches For Halo: MCC And Halo Wars 2 Confirmed

Today during a livestream event, Microsoft done some large announcements about a Halo franchise, including new Xbox One X rags and ongoing support for Halo 5. We already knew that Halo 5 will accept an Xbox One X update, and currently developer 343 reliable that Halo Wars 2 is also removing patched to clear “visual upgrades” on a new console. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also removing an Xbox One X update, while players can also design updates that embody bug fixes and improvements.

Overall, 343 wants to “bring [Halo: MCC] brazen and refurbish many of a game’s systems to take advantage of Xbox height advancements given a strange launch.” The diversion had a share of critical struggles during launch, so it’s good to see support continue in this way, years after release.

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As partial of this, 343 is rising a “flighting” module for The Master Chief Collection whereby players can exam new patches. This is scheduled to start in Spring 2018. More sum on a specifics will be announced later.

The other large news about Halo Wars 2 is that it’s adding support for a Xbox Arena system. This feature, that debuted in May, allows players to emanate their possess tournaments. Additionally, 343 is adding cross-play support between a Xbox One and PC versions of Halo Wars 2. All of these new facilities are scheduled to launch in “late October.”

As for Halo 5, 343 announced an “Overtime” module for a game. This includes a array of new features, content, and support, starting with an Xbox One X refurbish for a diversion that “takes advantage of a additional energy of Xbox One X to broach aloft visible fealty for players who have concordant hardware.”

In terms of new content, 343 is rolling out a Oddball gametype, featuring new medals and voice cover. Additionally, there will be a large Nov refurbish for Halo 5 that introduces a array of arms change changes. What’s more, 343 is rising a new app for Windows 10 that lets players horde a internal server on a same network as their Xbox One that should ideally concede for a low-latency experience.

In other news, 343 has reliable that a Halo World Championship eventuality is returning in 2018, and as partial of this a developer is rising group skins. There will also be skins formed on some of a vital countries and regions in a tournament, including a United States, Canada, and Mexico.

No new Halo games have been announced, though Halo 6 is certainly on a approach and it sounds like it will have split-screen, thankfully.

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