Xbox One X menu highlights extended games, though not but issues

The Xbox One’s new dashboard has a good underline for Xbox One X owners: It lets users filter their diversion library to uncover titles that have been updated with enhancements for a new console, like 4K resolution. But during a moment, a few days before a system’s open launch, a filter isn’t operative properly.

Microsoft introduced new classification and filtering options for a Xbox One’s My Games Apps shade in last month’s complement update. Xbox One X owners have a ability to censor all games but “Xbox One X Enhanced” updates, that is a really accessible option. Microsoft generally does a most improved pursuit in a area of clarity than Sony does with a PlayStation 4 Pro, and this is only one component of that.

Xbox One X - My Games  Apps shade display Xbox One X Enhanced games

Microsoft around Polygon

However, a classification is now withdrawal out some games for that Xbox One X updates have indeed been released. When we took a above screenshot final night, during slightest one extended game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, wasn’t display adult in a list. (Dishonored 2 appears to have been updated as well, nonetheless according to a Xbox website, a patch isn’t live yet.) Both games are still blank now.

Of course, this user-friendly underline isn’t really useful if a hunt formula aren’t accurate. A Microsoft deputy concurred a problem in a matter to Polygon, observant a association is “aware that for some users, games aren’t being filtered as Xbox One X Enhanced in ‘My games and apps.’” The orator combined that a Xbox group is “working to solve a issue.”

For some-more on a Xbox One X, check out a full pre-review, that is formed on a week of time with a console. The Xbox One X will launch worldwide subsequent Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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