Xbox One X extended games list, specs, VR and all else we know about a renamed Project Scorpio

Xbox One X specs: how absolute is a new Xbox and how many softened will games look?

Unlike a Xbox One S – that is some-more along a lines of a normal slim redesign – Xbox One X is a mid-generation ascent to a Xbox One.

At E3 we had a initial glance during a box itself, that is touted as a smallest Xbox ever – smaller even than final year’s Xbox One S slimline revision.

The tough specs are as follows, with comparisons to a PS4 Pro and strange Xbox One, over in a disdainful Digital Foundry Project Scorpio reveal:

  • Eight tradition CPU cores clocked during 2.3GHz
  • 326GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • 1172MHz GPU – with 40 customised discriminate units
  • 12GB GDDR5 memory
  • 1TB HDD
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray front player
  • 4K gaming support
  • VR support

This is a appurtenance with distant some-more graphical bravery that a existent Xbox One, and how developers will take advantage of that 6TF of GPU energy is adult to them. (Digital Foundry has we lonesome if you’re meddlesome in meaningful what a teraflop indeed is, by a way.)

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Digital Foundry: ‘Here are Scorpio’s vital components and how they smoke-stack into a final, compress system’

Back during E3 2016, Xbox conduct Phil Spencer pronounced users will usually notice a disproportion with games regulating on Xbox One X if they had a 4K radio (“Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if we don’t have a 4K TV, a advantage we’ve designed for, you’re not going to see”, he told Eurogamer in an talk during E3) though that’s altered – Spencer after simplified that “some developers will take advantage of that 6 teraflops in opposite ways”, definition they won’t have to use a additional estimate energy to indispensably strike 4K, and can channel it towards a softened looking 1080p knowledge instead – either that’s by super sampling or otherwise.

So while Sony’s mid-generation ascent PS4 Pro requires developers to support a 1080p fortitude with a imperative Pro mode from October, Xbox One X will be a small looser in how developers used a some-more modernized specs. This could be a good thing, as a possess Richard Leadbetter questions either chasing a aloft pixel-count is a softened use of mid-generation consoles than aloft frame-rates or richer gameplay experiences.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro, existent PS4, Xbox One consoles

Digital Foundry creatively total a suggested spec analysis on probable tools Xbox One X could be using, behind before their disdainful reveal.

Now, we know the finish sum of what’s in a box. To summarise, we can design a many faster GPU than a PS4 Pro (4.2TF compared to Xbox One X’s 6TF – simply a system’s biggest offered point), 12GB of GDDR5 RAM (9GB of that is for games, 3GB for a 4k dashboard) and 8 tradition GPU cores during a whopping 1172MHz.

PS4 Pro
Xbox One
Xbox One X

Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 1.6GHz
Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 2.1GHz
Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 1.75GHz
Eight tradition x86 cores clocked during 2.3GHz
18 Radeon GCN discriminate units during 800MHz
36 softened GCN discriminate units during 911MHz
12 GCN discriminate units during 853MHz
40 customised discriminate units during 1172MHz
8GB GDDR5 during 176GB/s
8GB GDDR5 during 218GB/s
8GB DDR3 during 68GB/s and 32MB ESRAM during max 218GB/s
12GB GDDR5 during 326GB/s

This means that while Xbox One has lagged behind PS4 performance, Xbox One X is set to offer a large jump over both a PS4 and PS4 Pro, with many softened graphical and memory capabilities, and support for local 4K gaming.

To quote Digital Foundry in a Xbox Project Scorpio spec analysis: “It’s a conspicuous turnabout. A good apportionment of PlayStation 4’s success has been down to a spec advantage over Xbox One, total with a concentration on a hardcore player. Sony’s technological advantage will be left with a subsequent call of hardware.”

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Xbox One X cost and recover date

At E3 2017, Microsoft reliable a worldwide Nov 7 recover date for Xbox One X, as good as pricing – 449, $499 USD, €499 Euros, $599 CA and $649 AU.

This shouldn’t come as a outrageous warn – Digital Foundry likely a $100 disproportion between that and a PS4 Pro, that retailed for 350 for a 1TB model.

Here is where we can pre-order Xbox One X in a UK:

And in a US:

To quote Rich Leadbetter’s thoughts on Scorpio’s hardware one final time: “if we had to theory – and I’ll highlight that this isn’t formed on anything we competence have listened on my revisit – Xbox One X is going to cost in a segment of $499.”

Regardless of a cost – that pits it has a many costly home console right now – Microsoft is selling a complement during a loss, with Phil Spencer observant “the money-making partial is in offered games”.

Additional stating by Chris Tapsell.

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