Wrench Acquires Major Mobile Repair Competitor

September 20, 2018—Wrench, a fast flourishing mobile automobile correct company, announced it is appropriation a vital aspirant in Chicago-based Otobots.

Ratchet+Wrench spoke with Wrench’s CEO Ed Petersen progressing this year about his company’s enlargement plan progressing this year. And final year, Ratchet+Wrench spoke with Wrench about how shops can partner with mobile use units.

“This merger accelerates a inhabitant enlargement to broach a idea of stealing a con of owning and progressing your car,” pronounced Petersen. “We feel certified that a patron centric proceed has been a winning formula. We‘ve gained a ton of certainty in a business indication and are vehement to continued rolling out nationally.” 

Wrench expects to supplement over 100,000 cars to a Wrench height in 2018.

Through a acquisition, Otobot business will get entrance to a Wrench height that streamlines technicians and other services to say cars. All business can report repairs by a mobile app, online or over a phone, all upheld by Wrench’s team. Wrench will confederate a height into a Otobots site over a subsequent 90 days. 

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