Work on Resident Evil 8 is "already in motion." Here’s all we know about it so far

Even 9 months on from launch, as we start to enter a last, raging deteriorate of this year’s bustling gaming calendar, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has hold solid as a vicious GOTY contender for 2017. The vicious and blurb success of Capcom’s rule-breaking masterpiece has fundamentally set a theatre for a sequel, and with a Gold Edition of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on a way, it feels like a good time to try what we know about a sequel, Resident Evil 8 (or whatever it’s going to be called), so far. 

The brief answer is ‘not a outrageous amount’, nonetheless there are tidbits of information that can be gleaned from Capcom, Biohazard’s story and interpreting patterns in a franchise’s history, all of that is laid out subsequent for your reading pleasure. If we haven’t nonetheless played Resident Evil 7, we competence wish to go and do that first, as there are both teenager and vital spoilers for a diversion over this point. You have been warned.

What a devs are saying

This competence not come as a outrageous warn to you, nonetheless we know for certain that Resident Evil 8 is in a early stages of development. Capcom, or during slightest certain members of a Resident Evil 7 team, has sincerely reliable that a subsequent pretension in a array is already being worked on, and Biohazard was always designed to paint a initial new entrance in a rebooted Resident Evil saga. 

The many critical acknowledgment of this news arrived in Apr 2017 around a difference of Resident Evil 7 Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi, who was being interviewed in an central “making of” mini documentary for a game. It’s value reading a entirety of his quote in full, or examination a video subsequent from 9:38 onwards, as it gives we a good thought of Capcom’s stream position with regards to Resident Evil’s future.

“We wish [Resident Evil 7] to be a start of a new kind of presence fear and of a new series,” says Takeuchi, “We’re already meditative of several skeleton for a subsequent game, nonetheless we also wish to see how we can continue to develop survival-horror itself. In a subsequent few years, record will continue to allege and what players wish competence also change nonetheless we will always wish to emanate fear practice where a characters overcome a formidable situation.”

Okay, so ‘characters overcoming formidable situations’ competence be too deceptive to burst to any specific conclusions about Resident Evil 8’s sourroundings or tract synopsis, nonetheless note Takeuchi’s comments about record and players’ changing desires for presence horror. He seems to advise that, as prolonged as presence fear is during a heart of a experience, Resident Evil isn’t bound to any specific gameplay format. In other words, we can’t assume that a first-person shooter viewpoint of Biohazard will indispensably continue over into Resident Evil 8. 

Takeuchi continues: “And so a stream masterpiece is usually a beginning. Plans for a subsequent pretension are already in suit and, when we see that game, we competence find that it is really opposite from Resident Evil 7 in some ways while still maintaining that core presence fear judgment of people overcoming a odds. Resident Evil will always keep that essence.“

Takeuchi could good be articulate in hypotheticals here, or he knows something essential about a subsequent diversion that we don’t. At a really least, we can presupposition that Resident Evil 7’s renewed concentration on presence horror, compared to a action-heavy sentiments of a some-more new instalments that came before it, will sojourn an critical norm for Capcom going forward. Judging from a accepting to Resident Evil 6, that’s roughly really for a best.

Enough about what Capcom is saying, though, given another dev suggested something distant some-more earnest in Aug of this year. Shinji Mikami is credited as a father of Resident Evil itself, carrying served as Director on both a strange diversion and Resident Evil 4. He hasn’t been concerned with a authorization given then, though, and has been some-more recently assigned with his artistic responsibilities on The Evil Within and its arriving sequel

In an talk with PCGamesN during Quakecon, however, Mikami was asked if he would come behind to proceed Resident Evil 8, should Capcom endowment him sum artistic leisure on a project. His answer was usually dual difference in length, nonetheless adequate to means a call of headlines opposite a press: “I might.”

Again, we’re articulate hypotheticals here, nonetheless once work on The Evil Within 2 finishes adult for him this year, Mikami will presumably be looking for his subsequent large plan – and it wouldn’t be startling if Capcom had listened about his answer in this interview. Could Resident Evil 8 symbol a lapse of a franchise’s strange auteur? It’s sad thinking, we know, nonetheless a male can dream, can’t he? 

What a fans are saying

There are dozens of discussions online among Resident Evil fans over where they’d like to see a array go next, and an extended dive into a wider discuss reveals some of a many renouned equipment on a common wish list. After a isolated, insinuate concentration of Biohazard, for instance, there looks to be an ardour for a supplement to enhance a range somewhat, in a proceed Resident Evil 2 built on a predecessor. 

”RE 2 usually took all that was good about [Resident Evil] and supposing a assembly with some-more of it while still staying loyal to a fear and newness of a initial game”, says lolrus555, “and that’s accurately what we wish with RE 8. we wish a bigger sealed off plcae to explore, we wish to see some-more engaging puzzles, and we wish to see some-more singular rivalry varieties than usually a opposite figure of Molded, regardless of how dangerous and frightful they competence be.”

That call for some-more rivalry accumulation speaks to one of a few shortcomings holding Biohazard behind from being even improved that it already is. While it’s fun to go face to face with a Bakers and a Molded during first, a newness of any rivalry starts to vary towards a finish of a campaign, and that left many wanting more. 

As for Resident Evil 8’s intensity setting, there’s reduction consensus. Locations such as England, Africa, or a Middle East have been floated as places fans would live to visit, while others have suggested a lapse to somewhere some-more civic to freshen adult a proceedings. 

KevinPDC brings adult a thought of Resident Evil 8 “taking place somewhere in a streets to transport to opposite locations such as a motel, a hotel, a restaurant, or a record cabin review in a wilderness”, that again touches on a awaiting of opening adult Resident Evil 7’s deliberately enclosed setting. 

Moving on from fan fancies to fan theories, several Redditor’s have a supposition that, notwithstanding Takeuchi’s comments about a series’ perspective-hopping flexibility, a subsequent dual games in a Resident Evil array will roughly really sojourn first-person experiences, and they lay out a story to infer it. 

“Let’s take a demeanour during a prior ‘Main’ titles”, says Kamentierr, “1,2,3 have bound camera. 4,5,6 are 3rd chairman shooters and some-more actiony. So we consider there is a high possibility that Capcom will keep a 1st chairman proceed during slightest for 8 and 9 and presumably haven a 3rd chairman shooter movement for a spin-offs.”

It’s a good point, and serves to remind us that a categorical Resident Evil story isn’t a usually array now ongoing in a wider franchise, with both a third Revelations diversion being teased and a Resident Evil 2 reconstitute in a works. If any of these can respectively offer a third-person shooter and bound camera gameplay of array past, afterwards it creates clarity for Capcom to continue exploring a first-person presence fear of Biohazard by a triple-A sequels. 

What Resident Evil 7 is saying

Spoilers below, naturally, nonetheless let’s not forget that a story of Resident Evil 7 itself, quite a semi-cliffhanger of an ending, had a lot to provoke about what’s in store for this subsequent era of zombies and super-plagues. 

Specifically, we can substantially design Resident Evil 8 to start responding a many questions acted by Biohazard’s story. What’s happened to Chris Redfield, and because is he operative for a Umbrella Corporation? Who are a Umbrella Corporation these days, and what were they doing during a Baker home? What’s going to occur Ethan now that he’s putrescent with a aria of a Mold pathogen that caused all of this hoo-ha in a initial place?

Of course, it’s also expected that arriving DLC packs “Not a Hero” and “End of Zoe” will strew some new light on these mysteries, generally as a former journey sees we personification as Redfield himself. Either way, after this intentionally removed tale, Redfield’s last-minute cameo appears to weigh that a subsequent installment will pull us behind into a science of Resident Evil’s wider universe, or during slightest exhibit how these apart stories are all tied together.  

What we’re saying

Resident Evil 7 is a ideal revamp for a array that was in apocalyptic need of new life, and we wouldn’t hear any criticism from me if Capcom decides to hang with that same heated first-person gameplay for a sequel. That said, there are a few additions that we would wish to see incorporated into Resident Evil 8, no matter what viewpoint it takes. 

A new plcae would be ideal. Almost necessary, in fact. we felt as nonetheless I’d explored each indentation and corner of a Baker’s home by a time my run with Biohazard had come to a end, and it became easy to grow desensitized to a claustrophobic halls and rot-ridden furnishings. 

While we’re during it, because not leave a American landscape and try somewhere never overwhelmed by a Resident Evil diversion before? This would also concede for Capcom to broach on a wider rivalry accumulation being requested by a fans, as a Molded pathogen appears to adjust and change contingent on a environment. What would a monsters demeanour like in a solidified forests of The Netherlands or a dry outback of Australia, we wonder?…

Additionally, as critical as it was to start things new with this quasi-reboot, it would also be good to see how a new array weaves itself into a wider tapestry of a Resi-verse, and a some-more dedicated try to move in fan favourite characters and authorization conventions would be some-more than welcome. 

These are high orders for a diversion that doesn’t even exist yet, nonetheless after knocking it out of a park with such a potentially unsure reboot, we have faith in Capcom’s ability to build on all it introduces with Resident Evil 7 and make something even better. As Takeuchi himself stated, it doesn’t matter what form Resident Evil 8 takes; as prolonged as presence fear stays a lifeblood of a experience, afterwards it’s going to be a blast. 

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