Wolves exist Patriots to better them in overtime

Thanks to a stand-out opening from sophomore ensure Marina Montez on comparison night, a Woodland High School women’s basketball group went into overtime and degraded Pioneer 52-47.

During a regular-season culmination Tuesday night, a Wolves were means to not usually better a Patriots for a initial time in over dual seasons though float into a playoffs on a prohibited note by fluctuating their winning strain to 4 games.

Both teams are advancing to a playoffs, tied for second place behind Golden Empire League champions Dixon. They are now during a forgiveness of a preference committee, who will confirm seeding and playoff matches on Saturday.

Nerves, heading to turnovers and missed baskets, done for an uncharacteristically low scoring initial half. At a finish of a initial quarter, a measure was usually 10-8, with Pioneer somewhat ahead.

That lead would solemnly evaporate as a Patriots, who would spin tormented by turnovers, usually managed dual points in a second entertain being outscored by a Wolves 12-2. At a break, Woodland led 20-12 and looked to be in a driver’s seat.

“I suspicion we played good defensively, we forced them to spin it over around 40 times,” Woodland conduct manager Dave England said. “Hopefully, it is a good matter for us going into a playoffs.”

In a third quarter, a nerves settled, and both teams resumed a normal scoring rates that they had all season. Although Pioneer found a offense they had mislaid in a second, Woodland kept adult a gait and scored right along with them as both teams managed 12 points.

With a Patriots down by eight, they would need to go on a run shortly or risk using out of time. Luckily for them, group MVP Zenevieve Coronado-Casebolt, who finished a diversion with a game-high 24 points, got prohibited from a field.

After removal one of her 4 purchase three-point baskets, Coronado-Casebolt got a take and raced adult a justice for a layup attempt. She would miss, though Ari Pena was there for a putback, and usually like that, a Patriots found themselves usually down by three.

Sensing a run, Montez, who finished with 18 points, dribbled adult a justice and strike a three-pointer of her possess fluctuating a lead behind to six.

After both teams traded a few baskets, Coronado-Casebolt found her cadence from low and nailed behind to behind three-pointers for a Patriots slicing a lead to usually one, environment adult a raging final dual mins in a process.

Woodland ensure Julianna Villanueva (2) plays a pass adult a justice during a Wolves diversion opposite Pioneer Tuesday night. CARLOS GUERRERO – DAILY DEMOCRAT

After an Alexa Maudeno basket gave a Patriots their initial lead given a finish of a initial quarter, Monetz gathering to a basket and warranted a foul. She strike both giveaway throws giving Woodland behind a one-point lead.

On a subsequent possession, Montez drew another tainted though usually managed to make one of two. Up by dual with usually 19 seconds to go, a Wolves hoped for a stop, though Coronado-Casebolt usually would not be stopped.

The ensure drew a tainted with underneath 10 seconds to go and strike dual high-pressure giveaway throws tieing a diversion and promulgation it into overtime.

“How we came behind to tie that diversion is over me,” Pioneer conduct manager Sean Goldston said. “We usually haven’t played good a past dual weeks. It’s a good thing we can miscarry well.”

After entrance from behind, a Patriots had to have felt good going into a additional frame, though maybe they sleepy themselves out too most to get to this point. Woodland managed to ease themselves and stay a march as they continued pushing to a basket earning giveaway chuck after giveaway chuck while also creation it tough on a Patriots when they had a ball.

“Our free-throw sharpened was purchase in a fourth entertain and overtime,” England said. “We done 11 giveaway throws to their 4 during that time. We were 16 for 27, and they were usually 7 for 21, so we consider that was a disproportion in a game.”

Eventually, Woodland was usually too most and done a baskets when they mattered and pulled out a victory.

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