Wolfenstein II, Six Months Later

It’s been 6 months given Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus launched for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This supplement to 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order seemed during a moving time in US politics, promoted and expelled while injustice and white nationalism were during a forefront of Americans’ minds. Here’s how things have left 6 months later.

  • Wolfenstein II was teased during E3 2016 and announced strictly during E3 2017. Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett done a flattering good tweet.
  • The diversion fast captivated courtesy for a domestic relevance, as America saw alt-right demonstrations and a ripping down of Confederate monuments opposite a country. In an Aug talk with PCGamer, developer Machine Games’ artistic executive Jens Matthies pronounced “the diversion isn’t a explanation on stream topics…we are creation a diversion about Nazis and Nazi ideology, so on some foundational turn it is a domestic game.”
  • A Switch port was announced during a Sep 2017 Nintendo Direct.
  • Despite Matthies’ matter that a diversion wasn’t about contemporary politics, as Wolfenstein II’s launch day neared, publisher Bethesda’s promotion debate addressed genuine universe issues head-on. An early Oct ad drew on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Another ad after in a month resembled a renouned meme about a protester punching white jingoist Richard Spencer in a face during a inauguration. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of PR and marketing, told GamesIndusty.biz that “Bethesda doesn’t rise games to make specific statements or stimulate domestic discussions” but “We don’t feel it’s a strech for us to contend Nazis are bad and un-American.”


  • Wolfenstein II launched on Oct 27, 2017, on a same day as Super Mario Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins. It was met with more or reduction auspicious reviews. Its aroused opening moments shocked many people, as did a bloody mid-game plot twist. Players enjoyed a game’s characters (a clever indicate of a prototype as well), yet some found a turn pattern a bit unexcited and a secrecy clunkier than in The New Order.
  • Richard Spencer, or at slightest an essay about him, was once again mocked in a science easter egg.
  • Many PC players faced technical problems, including opening issues and miss of Steam conceal support. Bethesda brisk to patch them, though PC players continue to have issues.
  • Speedrunners tackled a game immediately, holding a roughly 15 hour runtime down to 80 mins within a day.
  • German players, in suitability with laws disallowing Nazi imagery, faced off opposite a mustache-less Hitler.
  • Players also found a approach to beat a game’s seemingly-impossible training march record.


  • In Nov 2017, Wolfenstein II’s first part of DLC launched, an introduction to a 3 new characters who would any get their possess part of “The Freedom Chronicles.” The characters’ levels were disproportionate gameplay-wise, with some being some-more fun than others. This roughness would impersonate a rest of a DLC.
  • Wolfenstein II got a Steam demo in late November, as good as a half-price sale. This seemed like a poignant cost dump so shortly after release. RockPaperShotgun reflected “This seems to be a repeated thesis with Bethesda, as final year’s Dishonored 2 also finished adult being ignored to identical kinds of prices only weeks after it came out. At a time a bonus was attributed to Dishonored 2 unwell to accommodate sales expectations, and a same has been reported of this year’s Bethesda games too.”
  • More DLC episodes followed in December, January, and March. Like a preview episode, they were disproportionate and eventually not as fun as personification as BJ or other characters from a game. A steadily-dropping actor count, while not surprising for a single-player game, suggested a DLC didn’t give a diversion renewed interest.
  • A June 29 recover date for a Switch chronicle was announced only this week.

And that’s where things are at. Real-world politics remade Wolfenstein II from an eagerly-anticipated supplement into something many people hoped would be cathartic on a broader scale. Once players had it in hand, many found it didn’t wholly live adult to a hype a ads and context promised. While not utterly as dear as The New Order, The New Colossus still an excellent, noted game. 

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