‘Wolfenstein II’ Players Are Upset Over The Game’s PC Performance Issues

Credit: Bethesda/MachineGames

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is too cart on PC.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has finished pretty good in a run by a examination gauntlet, earning an 89/100 on PS4 and PC, and an 87/100 on Xbox One.

But on Steam, gamers are giving a diversion a  dreaded “Mixed” measure thanks to a horde of opening issues plaguing a PC port.

This is a good game, nonetheless we consider it needs a patch or dual for it to quietly be called that,” one Steam user reports. “I’m anticipating it a bit inconstant and a small glitchy.”

Wolf 2 seems like a good diversion so far, I’d like it even some-more if we could play it,” writes another. “Steam conceal doesn’t work, ensuing in no FPS counter, no achievements popping up, and no Tab+Shift in-game browser. 70 mins in and a diversion freezes whenever we try to bucket adult my save. It seems like there’s utterly a few people experiencing a same problems we am.”

These issues don’t seem to be impacting everyone—plenty of Steam user reviews are glowing—but they do seem widespread. And, of course, Steam conceal is infirm during a time being, nonetheless Bethesda will expected supplement support during a after date. No doubt, MachineGames is during work on a patch even as we speak.

Still, it’s disappointing. This isn’t a initial time we’ve seen this with a Bethesda release this year either. Dishonored 2 was notoriously cart on PC during launch, and Prey had a game-breaking bug that warranted it a surprisingly disastrous examination measure from IGN (though it was patched and a IGN measure was raised.) It’s generally cryptic for a association like Bethesda that has such a clever PC actor bottom interjection to twin behemoths The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

That being said, while initial impressions are critical I’m certain many influenced gamers will be forgiving if a repair comes shortly enough.

I’m personification a diversion on PC, and other than miss of Steam conceal we haven’t run into any bugs yet. we haven’t played for really long, though. I’ll news behind with some-more thoughts on a diversion and a opening once I’ve played more.

Are we playing Wolfenstein II on PC? Have we gifted any problems? Let us know in a comments.

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