Why Pokemon GO’s Adventure Week Is The Game’s Most Valuable Event Yet


Pokemon GO Adventure Week

Today outlines a kick-off of Pokémon GO’s “Adventure Week,” a rock type-based event that isn’t centered around any sold holiday, though fulfils Pokémon GO’s share of during slightest one vital eventuality per month in sequence to rivet players and expostulate revenue. May indeed had dual events, a mini one focused on grass-types a few weeks ago, though Adventure Week is incomparable and longer.

For those wondering when it starts, that would be currently during 1 PM Pacific, and it runs by that time on May 25th, though we wish to speak about a eventuality in a small some-more fact before it goes live, and since it’s one we shouldn’t miss.

I overtly trust what we contend in my title, that we shouldn’t skip this eventuality if we still caring even a small bit about Pokémon GO since this competence literally be a many essential eventuality a diversion has constructed yet.

Previously, we would have given this respect to a starter eventuality around New Year’s, as it authorised players to build a Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise with adequate catches, though honestly, all a opposite aspects of this eventuality mix to make it even some-more useful in my eyes. Here’s what we mean.

The Best Innate Bonus – Adventure Week has what we really consider is a singular biggest reward a diversion offers, a ability to travel your friend Pokémon and get candy 4x as fast, or rather, slicing friend stretch down by a cause of four. 0.25 for 1 km, 0.75 for 3 km and 1.25 for 5 km. Since a friend complement is a only targeted complement for expansion or training in a game, reduced friend stretch is even some-more essential than double candy in my eyes, since that still relies on pointless hatches and spawns.

Omanyte and KabutoPokémon GO events customarily like to “fill in” what certain people competence be blank from their Pokedexes. These dual used to usually parent in 10 km eggs, creation them flattering rare, and usually recently have they moved, and they’re frequency seen in a wild. This is your shot to get Omastar (which is one of usually 4 Gen 1 Pokémon we still don’t have) and Kabutops if we find adequate of these.


Pokemon GO

Aerodactyl – Speaking of rare, a Pokémon in a lead ensign picture for this eventuality stays one of a many singular in a game. I’m propitious adequate to have hatched two, though we know many, many people still do not have an Aerodactyl after all this time, even after throwing other ultra-rares like Chansey or Lickitung in past events.

Rhyhorn and Rhydon – For those looking for gym powerhouses, demeanour no offer than these two, who should be spawning in this rock-based event. Rhydon, after a clean several months back, is one of a top CP Pokémon in a diversion right now, so this eventuality will offer as a good springboard to build adult a absolute one.

Larvitar, aka Gen 2 Dratini – Finally, if all of this wasn’t enough, Gen 2’s homogeneous of a Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite tree is Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar. They’re hugely absolute part-rock Pokémon, and while we don’t how mostly they will parent in this event, it should positively be some-more than usual. Tyranitar is another gym complicated hitter in this stream metagame, and this competence be your possibility to develop a good one for yourself, with adequate of a right spawns.

“More Items” From PokeStops – Alright, I’m still a small doubtful on this. My hope is that a some-more equipment competence embody Evolution Items that are still shockingly singular from PokeStops (I only got my initial one after about 6 hundred spins). But misfortune box unfolding it’s giveaway things and reduction Pokeballs we have to buy. For me it’s substantially going to only fill adult my bag with unchanging potions. But if somehow this does finish adult giving out some-more Evolution Items, it will arguably be a many essential member of this event.

So…yeah. See what we mean? The best reward in a game, a half dozen hugely essential stone forms and maybe additional expansion items, if we’re lucky. This is utterly a event, and if all goes as planned, it should be flattering essential for everybody who partakes.

Check behind for my continued coverage of a eventuality once it launches in a few hours, and maybe there will be even some-more secrets to unearth after it debuts (shiny Onyx, anyone?).

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