White Xbox One X gold surfaces with Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft recently denounced a new white Xbox One X various headed to store shelves, delivering a initial vital depart from a customary black finish. The “Robot White” console was formerly set for an disdainful recover alongside Fallout 76, though a second gold has now flush online.

UK tradesman Argos (via Console Deals) has now posted a inventory for a Forza-themed white console bundle, make-up digital codes for Forza Horizon 4, alongside final year’s Forza Motorsport 7. Although now taken nation-wide, a tradesman has supposing a £449.99 cost point, in line with other Xbox One X bundles.

Microsoft is nonetheless to rigourously fact this bundle, definition we’re incompetent to endorse if it’s headed to a U.S. With an erring “15 2018” recover date listed, it’s also misleading if this gold will be accessible forward of Fallout 76’s Nov 14 travel date. As new sum on a product surface, we’ll be certain to refurbish this article.

For U.S. buyers bewitched by a white console, a Fallout 76 White Xbox One X gold is currently accessible for preorder, labelled during $500.

See during Argos

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