Which Overwatch Characters Are a Most Beginner Friendly?

Overwatch can be an intimidating game. Blizzard’s impossibly renouned online multiplayer shooter is a bizarre brew of quick FPS movement and team-based MOBA strategies. It’s a diversion that not usually requires we to master your selected favourite yet figure out how to govern ideal organisation strategies with a organisation of incidentally matched teammates usually perplexing to find a display button. It’s adequate to make we wish to stay divided from a diversion entirely.

But don’t worry! There are several Overwatch characters that are designed to support to new players. Better yet, a few of these characters are good adequate to hang with once we unequivocally start to learn how a diversion works. 

We’d be fibbing if we told we that you’re going to master a difficult universe of Overwatch right away, yet there’s no reason that we can’t start your tour right by selecting one of these beginner-friendly heroes.


Soldier 76

Have we ever played a first-person shooter? Any will do. You have? Good. Then we flattering many already know how to play Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 is designed to duty mostly like your normal favourite in a first-person shooter. He has a appurtenance gun with a decent volume of ammo, entrance to a accessible small rocket launcher, and a ability to reanimate himself by resting in a deployable round of healing. He’s also means to scurry during will.

While Soldier 76 will feel informed to anyone who has ever played a shooter, those who take a time to learn a subtleties of his ability set will indeed learn he’s one of a many versatile conflict heroes in a game. From rocket jumps to a ubiquitous strech of his weapon, Soldier 76 is like a Swiss army blade of Overwatch heroes.

Granted, we will need to be means to aim flattering good when personification Soldier 76, yet he’s still a unequivocally easy impression to know and perform good with.



To be wholly honest, you’re substantially improved off holding a time to learn a somewhat some-more difficult impression than spending your time locking in that Torbjorn pick. However, there’s no denying that he’s one of a easiest characters to learn in Overwatch.

Torb’s categorical pursuit in Overwatch is to build and contend a turret. You usually strike a build turret button, find a good mark for it, strike a turret with your wrench to correct and ascent it, and afterwards ascent it serve by triggering your ultimate ability when a time comes.

A good Torb will also do things like demeanour for headshots with his surprisingly effective categorical weapon, keep his allies well-armored, and find that ideal turret position that army a rivalry to persevere approach too many resources to destroying it. However, Torb is essentially a “build a turret” character.

You substantially won’t make it too distant into Overwatch with Torb’s singular skillset, yet if we usually wish to bound in, have some fun, and minister something useful to your team, afterwards he’s a flattering good pick.


Bastion has a Torb problem in that he is impossibly easy to learn, yet doesn’t leave we many room to unequivocally master him. The good news is that even an pledge Bastion actor can be devastating.

Bastion is usually a turret that can get adult and travel around, yet unequivocally usually has to do so to shun or pierce to a improved position. Otherwise, we usually need to stay in place and sleet down bullets on those who would brave enter your ubiquitous vicinity.

What creates Bastion so good is bad opponents. A good organisation can coordinate and safeguard that Bastion never gets going. A bad organisation will get undone that Bastion is destroying them and censure any other for all a deaths.

Given that you’ll substantially confront many some-more of a latter when we initial start personification Overwatch, it’s wholly probable to lift a organisation to feat by personification Bastion. That’s generally loyal if we can remonstrate a tank to cover we with his/her defense and minimize a intensity repairs we competence take.


For a longest time, Junkrat was a niche favourite who never unequivocally found a home in competitive Overwatch. Now, Junkrat is deliberate to be one of a many effective repairs dealers in a game. 

The good news for new Overwatch players is that he’s also one of a easiest repairs traffic characters to learn. Junkrat’s effectiveness starts with a appetite of his grenade launcher. Even if we can’t aim in first-person shooters to save your digital life, you’ll substantially be means to hide in a integrate of kills usually by tossing grenades during a grouped-up organisation of opponents.

That’s not to contend that Junkrat is a brain-dead character. There’s a large disproportion between a good Junkrat actor and a bad one. It’s usually that Junkrat’s grenade launcher is a unequivocally effective form of throng control that usually rains down repairs on teams. That creates it many easier to hide in a occasional “accidental” kill. 

Add to that Junkrat’s twin concussion mines – useful for removing airborne and for dislodging enemies from a high belligerent – and Junkrat’s impossibly easy to use Rip Tire ultimate, and you’ve got a impression that is fun to play, easy to play, and honestly effective.



For a longest time, Reinhardt was Overwatch’s best tank choice for new players. While that competence still technically be loyal for those looking for a large physique with a lot of health and a elementary ability set, it’s value a additional time to learn Orisa.

Much like Reinhardt, Orisa’s categorical ability is her ability to lay down a shield. Unlike Reinhardt, Orisa’s defense is a missile that can be deployed anywhere. The trade-off is that her defense isn’t as clever as Reinhardt’s, yet it recharges so quick that there’s effectively small difference.

Orisa is also means to understanding repairs from a stretch – distinct Reinhardt – and can use her “Halt!” ability to hit enemies out of position. Her supercharger ultimate is also an effective approach to drastically boost your team’s repairs outlay yet carrying to do many some-more than press a button.

Mastering a use of Orisa’s defense takes time, yet her flattering low ability building ensures that you’ll always feel like you’re contributing.



Not prolonged ago, Mercy was a flay of Overwatch’s rival scene. Her ability to fast revive mixed heroes done her an useful asset. After all, what’s some-more useful than a impression that can remove genocide itself?

Since then, Mercy has suffered a array of nerfs that drastically impact her effectiveness. Mercy’s rebirth ability is now slower, some-more dangerous to use, and generally reduction useful than it’s ever been. Combine that with a fact that Mercy’s skillset is roughly wholly opposite than it was when Overwatch launched and…well, a indicate is that Mercy isn’t utterly as new actor accessible as she once was.

However, she’s still substantially a go-to impression for those looking to fast learn an Overwatch hero. Mercy’s primary glow – a recovering lamp of light – is still a many effective singular aim recovering ability in a game, that means we can get a lot of mileage out of Mercy usually by staying tighten to a tank and gripping them alive by roughly anything.

Even Mercy’s many difficult abilities aren’t unequivocally that tough to master. Once we learn to rebound between targets with Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability – that lets we fly to accessible characters with a press of a symbol – and spasmodic chuck in some repairs boosting beams, you’ll be good on your approach to being a many effective healer on your team.


Not prolonged ago, recommending a good healer to new players was as elementary as observant “Mercy.” That’s before Moira entered a game.

Moira is a tad worse to play than Mercy due to a slight snarl of handling her array of skills. That’s generally loyal of reckoning out when to chuck out her recovering orbs vs. her repairs orbs. It will take we a small time to get a hang of selecting that we wish to use yet staring during a screen.

Get past that hurdle, though, and a terrain is yours. Moira’s ability to detonate reanimate a favourite is second usually to Mercy, and she’s means to reanimate mixed heroes during once as prolonged as they are within range of her recovering spray.

What unequivocally creates Moira special, though, is her repairs traffic capabilities. Her primary conflict is a lamp of appetite that doesn’t need we to unequivocally aim during your target, while her repairs orbs are passed useful for forcing enemy to get out of position. She’s also means to “fade” out of existence, that is passed useful if an competition decides to try to take we down.

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