What’s Next for Uncharted?

January 11, 2018Written by Michael Briers

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If there’s one sign that defines a shining Uncharted array and a 10-year legacy, it’s a one engraved on a long-lost ring of Sir Francis Drake.

As any fan will tell you, it roughly translates to “greatness from tiny beginnings.” It is arguably a ideal one-liner for Naughty Dog’s climax jewel, that flickered into life with Drake’s Fortune all a approach behind in 2007. Nine years and 4 games after – Fight For Fortune and Golden Abyss enclosed – and a burglar reached his admittedly bittersweet finish with a launch of Uncharted 4.

And make no mistake, A Thief’s End unequivocally brought about Nate’s swan strain – a final hurrah, a screen call, that one final pursuit that hauled Nate and Elena off a cot (and divided from Crash Bandicoot!) and bearing them into a decrepit underworld of treasure-hunting once more.

Old Dog, New Tricks

For many, Uncharted 4 delivered that oh-so-satisfying clarity of closure, as players bid farewell to Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Victor Sullivan – positively a 3 pillars of Naughty Dog’s premier array – all a while immortalising a story of Drake. And what a story it was.

To a best of a knowledge, a Uncharted array has effectively been placed on ice given The Lost Legacy, that fake an doubtful twin in a devious Chloe Frazer and her newfound partner, Nadine Ross. Steeped in a abounding story of Uncharted, Naughty Dog’s India-set standalone effectively ticked all a boxes – blockbuster action, unconditional vistas, and some-more puzzles than we could shake a DualShock 4 at.

uncharted 5

It also leaned some-more toward open-world journey than a pixelated forebears, heading us to trust that a studio might already have an answer to that million-dollar question: in a arise of A Thief’s End and Lost Legacy, what’s subsequent for Uncharted?

Of course, one peek during a calendar will tell we that The Last of Us Part II has and will take priority for Naughty Dog right adult until 2019 – if not 2020 – yet that doesn’t indispensably meant that Uncharted is out of a pattern entirely.

Too Big to Retire

This is, after all, a biggest PlayStation authorization of a past 10 years, one with adequate star energy to opposition Microsoft and even Nintendo’s biggest IPs, all a while spawning a underline film of a own. Still incubating in a infirm stages of development, we know that Tom Holland of Spider-Man: Homecoming has sealed on to play Nate in a storyline that will presumably cave impulse from a immature Drake territory of Uncharted 3, in that a extraordinary burglar initial encountered Victor Sullivan.

Yes, Sony Pictures is mounting an Uncharted prequel movie, and it’ll be helmed by Shawn Levy, a filmmaker best famous for his work on Night At a Museum and a little-known Netflix materialisation called Stranger Things. It’s a credit to Naughty Dog, then, that even after a torrent of cripplingly normal video diversion movies, a Uncharted code is still means to attract a horde of large names – behind a lens, and in front.

On a gaming front, it’s a code that has amassed 41.7 million sales as of Dec 2017. Impressive yet that might be, what will Uncharted demeanour like in a post-Nathan Drake world?

Buoyed by The Lost Legacy, a PlayStation powerhouse might good adopt a anthology format in a clarity that Naughty Dog could round behind to a Uncharted authorization any two-to-three years and recover a standalone pretension involving some of a swashbuckling favourites.

Nadine and Chloe have already been given their time in a spotlight, of course, so maybe it’s time to switch gears and concentration on Sam? Or how about a duration square chronicling Sully’s initial flirtations with a rapist underworld? We can see it now: a 80s-set chronicle that’s some-more espionage play than action-packed blockbuster.

El Goddamn Dorado

On a some-more critical note, Nathan Drake has been a face of Uncharted given a inception, so creation a unavoidable transition to a post-Nate epoch will always be inherently wily – and presumably risky, as a mainline Uncharted pretension sans Nolan North might not have a same draw.

He’ll be missed, as will Emily Rose (Elena) and Richard McGonagle (Sully). But in gripping with a ol’ observant of one doorway shutting and another opening, this could outrider a uninformed start for Uncharted, permitting Naughty Dog to serve enhance a open-world diversion pattern of The Lost Legacy.

Speaking of which, Shaun Escayg, Creative Director and Writer on Naughty Dog’s many new DLC, recently spoke to Eurogamer about all things Uncharted, and because it’d be ridiculous to consider that Sony was prepared to retire a action-adventure flagship.

“I wouldn’t contend it’s a end. This thieving universe is huge. There’s so many characters. Even before we staid on this sold story we were exploring Sullivan, we were exploring Cutter, and pairing any other up, meditative what would be right, what would have conflict, growth, something new, something fresh. And Chloe was a one that kept jumping out. But to contend a Uncharted universe is done…I doubt that highly.”

Granted, if Uncharted has a destiny during Sony, Escayg won’t be a partial of it, as a seven-year maestro has given announced his preference to pierce on to pastures anew – Square Enix, to be specific, where he’ll assistance spearhead that protected Avengers game.

In closing, we’ll leave we with dual final predictions: possibly Sony is formulation to emporium Uncharted to another studio – Neil Druckmann has hinted during a probability before, while Naughty Dog coronet have prolonged done it transparent that they have copiousness of other ideas in a tube – or a first-party studio has suspended a next Uncharted until a unavoidable launch of a PlayStation 5.

The highway forward is cloaked in mystery, then, and until The Last of Us: Part II releases in 20XX, Naughty Dog will expected keep a Uncharted authorization underneath close and pivotal – not distinct those artifacts that shipped Nate off on a globe-trotting journey in a initial place. Whatever trail Naughty Dog chooses, though, we’ll be along for a ride. And remember, sic parvis magna.

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