What we wish from a subsequent Deus Ex

Deus Ex is now biding a time as Eidos Montreal work on other projects—likely a Avengers plan with Crystal Dynamics. It’s calming to know that it a array could come behind in some form, nonetheless will it be a delay of Jensen’s story, or a demeanour during a post-humanist destiny from a opposite perspective? Either way, formed on past form, there will it will have extraordinary ceilings, and people articulate about a Illuminati in gravelly voices. If we’re generally unlucky, it competence even have a Greasel in it.

Here are some things we do wish to see from a subsequent Deus Ex game.

More hubs

Travel is an underrated aspect of a Deus Ex fantasy. The conspiracies we display are so immeasurable we have to fly all over a universe to unpick them. In a strange Deus Ex we go from Liberty Island to Hong Kong, to Paris. In Human Revolution, in annoy of a hubs cut from a game, we still finish adult visiting Detroit, Shanghai and Singapore. Even nonetheless Prague is a many minute heart Eidos Montreal has produced, Mankind Divided still felt singular for being cramped there for many of a game. 

It’s a tough ask given a volume of work it takes to furnish open areas with a firmness of communication that we pattern from Deus Ex. Hubs are executive to a Deus Ex knowledge since they mix amicable and secrecy spaces, and they give we a possibility to catch a universe during your possess pace. we wish to unequivocally delight in a dystopia. we don’t even need a goal prompt to penetrate an unit block, review emails and scrape squad stashes. Like many, we attacked Prague’s extraordinary bank before a tract went there. Multiple hubs that feel opposite and sparkling should be an essential partial of a new Deus Ex. 

Fewer vents

This competence make me a bad Deus Ex fan, nonetheless we am ill of vents. When we consider about being a cold protracted destiny view a thought of crawling around on my hands and knees in a tedious grey tube doesn’t feature. There are always going to be some vents, we accept that. They are an essential trail for cat-like players looking to trip behind guards. It’s a problem when ‘find a vent’ is a viable resolution to any problem. we like vents that give me a possibility to get an fitting position on guards, nonetheless mostly they let we skip whole chunks of a level. 

The opening problem is partial of a wider emanate with Deus Ex sandboxes. The approaches we can take are firmly tangible for you. You’re a hacker specialist, or you’re a opening player, or your’re a one who shoots/arm-chisels your approach by problems. These approaches are baked into any environment. If we come opposite a checkpoint, there will be a opening off to a right, a mechanism console to be hacked somewhere to a left behind a integrate of guards. It’s tough to mangle out of these prescribed routes and be creative. Compare Deus Ex to Dishonored 2, for example, where interactions between ensure AI and your special powers can be some-more resourceful and there is ability in anticipating new ways to feat a sandbox.

A some-more awake conspiracy

What were a stakes in Mankind Divided? we still have no idea, really. The diversion went tough on a ‘mechanical apartheid’ angle nonetheless a tract spooky over a pathogen called Orchid and energy struggles between several groups perplexing to get an act passed, or not passed, or something. This is frequency a new problem for Deus Ex, and diversion plots can take a genuine strike when calm is cut and rearranged during a growth process. Nonetheless I’d like some-more clarity from a new Deus Ex, and some-more personality. Mankind Divided sorely missed large characters like Sarif and even Pritchard in executive roles.

A new hero? 

I’m ripped on this one. we like Jensen, we unequivocally do, and routinely we don’t caring about plain-spoken beardy dudes and their several dead/captured desired ones. Jensen has a good beard, though. And good jackets. And he uses his retractable CO twine radiuses to brutalise his enemies, that is novel. And yes, his “I didn’t ask for this” quandary became a meme, nonetheless it was an engaging offshoot for a initial game.

Mankind Divided did Jensen no favours. He was buffeted along by a tract with small personal impasse and after both this diversion and The Missing Link, it’s increasingly tough to rejustify rebooting his powers nonetheless again. Plus, while I’m still not sleepy of his armblades, it feels like we’ve seen any probable unfamiliarity of that thought in Mankind Divided. You can feverishness them up, fire them, and blow them adult with a right upgrades. It’s time for some new augmentations.

A new impression would substantially have to be a another commando/spy arrange so we have an forgive to go on unctuous missions, and contingency have a cold coat—that partial is mandatory.

Quality DLC

Deus Ex and genre stablemate Dishonored both have reputations for delivering good, chunky, post-launch singleplayer stories in a form of DLC packs. The Missing Link was an glorious further to Human Revolution, and Andy enjoyed violation out of jail in A Criminal Past.

When a selling initial started articulate about a “Deus Ex Universe”, this is a arrange of thing we was anticipating for: self-contained stories that container in around a categorical plot. In fact we would play a heck out of a Hitman character episodic Deus Ex that changed between hubs and facilities, building a story bit by bit.


The new Deus Ex games suppose a universe built on a common triangle. Buildings, clothing, weapons, even lamps are done adult of polygonal arrangements of little triangles everywhere, and this should continue. If we finish adult struggling to pattern a new protagonist for a Deus Ex array a mobile, heavily protracted triangle will suffice. 

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