What To Do During Monster Hunter: World’s Summer Festival

Monster Hunter: World’s Summer Twilight festival is live until Jul 26. It transforms a entertainment heart with palm trees and an ice-sculpted dragon. It also brings behind many eventuality quests and adds dual new armor sets to collect. There’s lots to do, though here’s what we should concentration on.

Craft The Summertime Armor Set

A diving fit armor set is accessible to anyone who gathers adequate Summer Twilight tickets. You get some any day that we record in during a festival. Just play via a eventuality and you’ll eventually have adequate tickets to get a armor. Like a Spring “Blossom” armor, it’s not quite strong, though it’s a good memento. There’s also a Hawaiian shirt and straw shawl that we can qualification for your palico cat companion. Embrace a reason for a season!

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Craft The Sapphire Star Lance

If we run a query “Midnight Mayhem,” we can qualification a Sapphire Star pierce once we get adequate First Fleet tickets. Collectors should suffer a demeanour and a stats aren’t a misfortune either. Definitely ascent it if you’re already a pierce user though cruise picking one adult as a commemoration even if you’ve never picked adult a pierce in your life.


Focus On What You Missed

The festival brings behind many of a limited-time eventuality quests, many of that extend promotional tie-in armor. That means if we missed a possibility to dress as Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy or Street Fighter’s Ryu, now’s your chance. You can also squeeze a nonsensical Wiggler shawl and other tiny items.

If you’re brief on time, concentration on a Devil May Cry rigging by holding a eventuality quest: “Code: Red.” The singular assign blade has cold animations, though a armor is a genuine prize. It’s high peculiarity and, distinct other armor, we can qualification particular pieces. This creates it good for blending and relating with other gear.


Get Started On The Universal Studios Gear

Crafting a Universal Studios Japan “Azure Starlord” armor and long-sword was scarcely unfit for anyone in a West though a lot of hassle. The initial partial of that quest, “USJ: Gold Star Treatment,” is accessible to everybody during a Summer festival. It’s a discerning eventuality query that allows we to qualification special armor for your palico and a low turn long-sword.

You’ll eventually be means to ascent that sword when a second partial of a query hits a West. If we can’t wait to qualification a singular armor, we can try looking for SOS flares or kind Twitch streamers who can assistance we get this beautiful armor.


Don’t Waste Time On Kulve Taroth

The golden dragon Kulve Taroth is behind for a generation of a festival, though we don’t suggest focusing on that. The game’s kept a beast on a good rotation; Kulve’s not singular adequate to weird out about during a festival. Unless we unequivocally need money—her bullion chips and singular weapons sell for tons of cash—you should concentration on flattering most anything else.


Prepare For High Ranks

Event quests are a good possibility for low turn hunters to qualification armor sets that can lift we by a vast apportionment of a game. “Gaze Upon The Dawn” allows we to grub out Zorah Magdaros during any time. Zorah armor and weapons are a good start for hunters only entering a aloft ranks. You could only wait for their discretionary query to cocktail up, though we consider this is value it.


Challenge Yourself

This is a possibility to take on formidable fights like Tempered Deviljho or even a arch-tempered Vaal Hazak or Kirin. Plenty of other hunters will be gunning after these beasts, so we competence as good join them. You’ll get good rewards and boost your hunter rank.


Have Fun!

Monster Hunter is overwhelming and so are you. Use this event to play with friends and accumulate all a cold things we missed. Enjoy yourself.

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