What did we see contra New England? Luchi has a answers

Gonzalez attempted to take a giveaway flog for a offside. As all keepers do, he’s hidden a few yards on a kick, even yet it’s brief to Reto Ziegler. Flagged and a alarm blows. Two serve attempts are changed behind for not being on a 6-yard line. A fourth try formula in another alarm as Ziegler takes a step inside a area to accept a pass. There still hasn’t been anything other than an offside vigilance so Elfath has to run to Ziegler to explain that it is a idea kick, not a giveaway kick.

In short, dual mins are squandered and what small movement was in a diversion by miscommunication between a officials and players.

What did Gonzalez unequivocally consider of a game?

“Disappointing when you’re adult and a diversion ends in a tie for both a organisation and a staff. It was 10 mins of casualness in a second half that punished us for that game-tying goal. But If we mislay those minutes, we have to be unapproachable and happy about a swell among a lot of other things. We connected a lot of passes, showed certainty and bravery in a play to mix underneath pressure. We wanted to have some-more of a round in their half, as there was a lot of possession within a possess half and around half field, where we feel a subsequent step is to do it closer to their goal.

“In terms of shot count, 6 to three, a low scoring game. That shows we that’s a initial diversion of a deteriorate where teams have some priority how they’re made defensively. we felt we got in and around a box to emanate some good opportunities for goals that didn’t connect, yet we have a lot of positives to take from a diversion in terms of us anticipating a identity, to have a ball. We need to urge in moments of pressing. We had a round and mislaid it. We were not together to press them in transition as mostly as we would’ve favourite to redeem a round so that’s something we need to keep operative on, yet still, a mid-block figure and a low-block figure authorised us to stay in a game.

“We combined some chances in a initial half that maybe could have put us 2-0 up. we don’t remember yet one shot from them in a initial half, so we have to be happy defensively that we combined a few.

“At half time we have to have a thoughtfulness that allows us to come out with some-more dash and urgency. If we’d have finished that, instead of them pulling us back, we could pull them, get adult 2-0 and not let them behind in a game. Again, this is a organisation that has shown to me they’re winners. They were unhappy with a draw, and it is a profitable indicate that could be unequivocally critical as a deteriorate goes on, yet we’re here during home and we always wish to play to win for a fans, this jersey and for this family. That shows we their mentality, this is a winning genius group, and they’re not going to be happy with draws during home. It’ll give them proclivity to respond subsequent week in training, Monday by Friday, so we can get a points we wish to acquire during home opposite LA.

“We’ll reflect, we’ll do a analysis. We’ll positively collect detached those 10-12 mins that cost us a 3 points, yet we’ll positively also prominence a positives and uncover that we can do more. More of a round in their half, some-more shots, some-more crosses, some-more numbers in their box, some-more pressure. Those are things that won’t occur overnight, that will be a routine yet I’m unequivocally vehement to work with these guys. Really unapproachable of them to leave a margin wanting to pull and win this game. we have to be happy with that as a coach, and I’m vehement for a subsequent step for a group.

“This is a organisation that has shown that they’re winners as they’re unhappy with a draw, even yet it could be a profitable indicate as a deteriorate progresses, as we’re here during home and always wish to play and win for a fans, a club, and for this family.

“The indicate is certain meaningful we had moments of creation it a win, so we have to be unapproachable of a boys to have an temperament and know that with tough work and joining we will urge with time.”

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