Weekend Hot Topic, partial 2: subsequent gen console sequels

GTA 5 – what will array 6 demeanour like? (pic: Rockstar Games)

GameCentral readers suppose what their favourite games are going to demeanour like on a PS5 and Xbox Series X, from Uncharted 5 to Dino Crisis.

This week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Gifford, who asked we to suppose your ideal subsequent gen sequel. Take any diversion or authorization that already exists and suppose it for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. How would it differ from stream versions and how would it take advantage of a higher graphics and faster bucket times?

Many illusory a apparent follow-ups like God Of War, Forza, and Horizon Zero Dawn, yet there was lots of other carefree speak about reduction certain sequels, such as XCOM 3 and a new Dishonored.

Rockstar test
It has to be a Rockstar game. Until we see a new diversion from them, ideally a new Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, a new consoles won’t have been tested, in my opinion. Ordinarily I’d assume it’d be a prolonged wait until that happened, yet it’s been so prolonged given GTA 5 came out it could be literally any time. we wouldn’t even be that astounded if it was a launch diversion for one or other of a consoles.

If Microsoft or Sony wish to make a dash observant they’ll be a customarily console with GTA 6 on it, even if it’s customarily for a year, is going to win a era right that. The graphics in Rockstar games are second to zero and we can't wait to see what they do with a subsequent gen open universe where we can enter each building and landscape goes on for miles. Red Dead yet in a complicated world!

I do like a suspicion of an 80s chronicle of LA Noire yet as well, so I’m totally excellent if that gets expelled as well. Could be a useful exam for Rockstar during first, before a categorical event.

The dinosaur question
Since everybody has assured themselves that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 contingency be a thing (and we agree) we would adore to see how that’s going to spin out. The strange looked extraordinary yet what tender me roughly a many was that it was from Guerrilla Games, who adult compartment that indicate had been all character and no substance. Horizon still wasn’t a low diversion yet it was good movement role-player and I’d like to see them take it further.

I’m anticipating for some-more accumulation in a combat, many deeper ability tree and customisation options, and a softened story. Aloy was all unequivocally good as a womanlike lead that was not sexualised yet she was also kind of tedious and so was all solely for a backstory, that was unequivocally good and simply a many engaging partial of a plot. we don’t know how we take advantage of that for a supplement yet I’d like to see.

And, of course, hopefully a graphics will be amazing. It goes yet observant really, yet I’ve listened adequate speak during this indicate and wish to see how all this non-static magnitude and SSD things works in practice. How picturesque is it going to make my hulk steel dinosaurs? That’s a critical question.

Next gen Horizon
It’s not something I’ve listened a lot of speak about yet a new Forza is flattering many guaranteed to be an Xbox Series X (and we theory Xbox One if there’s no exclusives) launch diversion and we would unequivocally many like that. The Forza games prolonged ago surpassed Gran Turismo as distant as I’m endangered and they’ve also always had among a best graphics on a consoles.

It should be Forza Motorsport’s ‘turn’ for a new diversion subsequent yet we consider Microsoft see Horizon as a some-more mainstream accessible chronicle so I’m extraordinary to see if they’ll pull another one of those out initial rather than a some-more critical series. I’m fine with that, since we see a logic, as prolonged as they go behind to Motorsport after and we have a best of both worlds.

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Elden Souls
I’m not certain this unequivocally depends as such, since it’s not unequivocally a sequel, yet a subsequent gen diversion I’m many looking brazen to is Elden Ring by From Software. As a delay of a Dark Souls judgment there’s apparently a family couple there, from what they’ve said, yet we know roughly zero about it other than apparently it has an open world.

We don’t even know if it’s unequivocally subsequent gen or not as it was customarily announced for a stream consoles. But has that been ditched now and it’s customarily on Xbox One and PlayStation 5? we kind of wish so, in terms of it reaching a full intensity yet I’ll only be happy to see some correct footage and get some genuine information soon.

Beyond that, I’d adore to see MachineGames given a possibility to finish their Wolfenstein trilogy. we get a feeling a final diversion didn’t do that good (I don’t know because they expelled it during Christmas) yet I’m unequivocally anticipating they get a possibility to finish a story and take advantage of subsequent gen graphics too.

Side by side comparison
I’m extraordinary to know either Sony will try to continue a Uncharted array in a subsequent gen. It’s one of their biggest franchises yet we get a feeling Naughty Dog are kind of finished with it. This is an apparent indicate to restart with a new developer though, and a new lead, so we wish they give it a try.

Uncharted 4 is one of a best-looking games of a whole gen so it would be unequivocally meddlesome to see how many a PlayStation 5 supplement could urge on that. There’s a lot of techy speak during a impulse about how this or that will make games softened yet comparing a final gen supplement to a subsequent gen one is, for me, a best approach to tell either any of it unequivocally means anything.

I wish we finally see what this new Batman diversion looks like too, as that’s kind of a same deal. we wish what once used to blow me divided to demeanour old-fashioned and low tech by comparison. It’ll occur during some point, yet we’ll have to wait and see if it does during launch.
Tom Meadows

Retro revival
I wish to know what Capcom has baked adult for a subsequent gen. There’s rumours of subsequent gen Resident Evil, that is great, yet we wish to know if a Dino Crisis reconstitute is genuine and a Onimusha revival. I’d be totally adult for those, as good as deeper dives like Bionic Commando and Ghouls ‘N Ghosts.

Now is a time to be build, welcome your comparison games and make them new!

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Loading now
I’d unequivocally like to see a subsequent gen Dishonored, a third diversion in a trilogy if they can be given a bill to do it justice. we don’t know how good a strange games did, we consider okay, yet for me they were among a unequivocally best of a era and a second one in sold had some of a best turn pattern I’d ever seen. Really clever, intelligent stuff.

Whether they’d be forced to reticent a third diversion down we don’t know yet Bethesda are customarily flattering good about that arrange of thing so we wish not.

I also wish there’s a possibility for a Prey 2, or maybe only a remake. we desired that diversion too yet it did have some critical technical constraints and it was a initial diversion we suspicion about when Sony were articulate about present loading and a problems it solves.

I could consider of a lot of games that could be softened by discerning loading like that, and if a PlayStation 5’s retrograde harmony can take advantage of that afterwards we will be unequivocally impressed. Although, of course, it’ll never kick a correct supplement that takes advantage of it from a start.

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