Weakness Cup Online Tournament Announced for Pokémon Sun and Moon

There are all kinds of fun battles to be had in Pokémon and a subsequent online foe is an interesting choice. It was announced that a Weakness Cup will be hold this month. It is usually authorised to underline Pokémon that have 5 or some-more weaknesses.

You will have to bottom your choices on a Pokémon’s typing and what a strengths are compared to others. Some Pokémon that have 5 weaknesses for instance are Butterfree, Sawsbuck and Sigilyph. All of them occur to be diseased to Ice-types that competence be value looking into. You’ll have a far-reaching preference to select from as a whole National Dex is allowed, yet some Mythical and Legendary Pokémon can't be used. Mega Stones and some other equipment are also banned.

The competition’s registration duration starts Jul 20. Actual battling takes place from Jul 28 to Jul 30. Participants accept Mega Stones for Ampharos, Altaria, Latios and Latias. Check out a whole inventory of manners on a central Pokémon website and ready your group for battle!

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