We Wrote You a Hand-Washing Song: Listen Up

Turn a H2O on and start your hands a rubbin’

Now it’s time to soap ‘em adult and start to scrubbin’

You contingency work it adult into a lather,

Even yet we know that we would rather,

Be outward where there is mud for we to play,

But now’s a time for your to send a mud away.

So both your hands should rinse divided your troubles.

Let your fingers dance among a bubbles.

Keep a solid gait and greatfully try not to fidget,

Clean your thumbs and don’t forget to dumpy any digit.

Now it’s time to combine on your nails,

For that is where a mud can leave a tip trails.

Now it’s finally time for branch off a faucet.

Use a paper towel, afterwards in a rabble you’ll toss it.

To stay healthy this is what a universe commands.

Bravo to you! You cleared your hands!

Illustration by Super Freak

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