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There are dual opposite ways to arrange a hero. The initial is to demeanour during their win rate or rival effectiveness, judging either that favourite is a wisest tactical choice. This is, of course, a ideally critical approach to play a game, generally if you’re personification exclusively to win. The second approach to decider a favourite is to demeanour during how many fun they fill your heart with. Ryan, a gameplay lead, and Cass, a site lead, motionless to lay down and arrange that heroes are a many fun to play.

Supports are arguably a many profitable role of all, so we motionless to start with them. Here is a central Heroes Never Die ranking of any support hero’s fun factor, going from slightest fun to many fun.

5. Symmetra

Ryan: It is indeed a damn contrition that we have to put Symmetra during a bottom. Unlike other roles in Overwatch, there are no un-fun supports. In fact, Symmetra being a support during all is something we still have a problem with. Basically, if Symm was any other purpose she would be, like, third on a list of fun.

From her drive of doom to her irritating turrets, Symm has had her satisfactory share of issues given Overwatch launched. However, she has emerged as this super fun, unequivocally wily support that is means to assistance her group kind-of and turn a genuine pain in a donkey for her enemies. Shielding allies or teleporting them behind feels like a genuine preference and it is implausible to watch a good Symmetra reason a point. People adore to make fun of her, yet male she is so many some-more fun than she should be.

4. Mercy

Cass: I adore Mercy. we adore Mercy’s theme, her lore, her skins. we adore her smart-alecky Devil and Imp further to “Heroes never die… for a price.” we usually don’t adore personification Mercy. It’s fine. Playing Mercy is some acceptably good fun. we would never specify it as a unpleasant experience. we usually feel like it’s blank that active rendezvous element. If your group is personification successfully and bark for you, we usually mount there and siphon adult recovering and chuck out ults. If your group isn’t safeguarding you, we die a lot.

In her stream state, Mercy usually doesn’t get to widen her wings enough, and a multi-man rez is unequivocally comprehensive yet that boon isn’t reasonably offset by requiring an equal volume of effort.

Now, Blizzard indeed agrees with this assessment, hence a incoming rework. we consider my opinion on New Mercy is going to mostly count on how mostly she can ult, and either her new rez automechanic feels reasonably comprehensive (without channel over into being broken).

Ana is a sniper for benevolent, useful players.
Blizzard Entertainment

3. Ana

Cass: Ana is, in my opinion, a pattern impact asperse on a partial of a Overwatch designers. From her visible pattern (badass aged lady radical sniper off a grid), to her science and Shrike skin (she single-handedly wanted down Reaper and saved Jack Morrison in Egypt), to, of course, her kit.

Her sniping automechanic is forgiving adequate to make her fun and accessible, yet engaging adequate that we feel great when we strike a DPS, make them down, and pitch around to siphon your Reinhardt full of good biotic juice. She hits surprisingly hard, and it’s easy to feel like a Overwatch League prepared pro when we evasion a disobedient Genji’s Dragonstrike, chuck a potion jar in his face, and afterwards glow him 4 thousand times.

The usually reason Ana isn’t ranked aloft is since they nerfed a Beyblade combo, that was a small stupid yet one of a many stately combos to lift off in all of Overwatch.

Ryan: I will keep my territory brief. we usually wanted to cocktail in and contend that Ana was one of a initial support characters other than Zenyatta that we unequivocally had a good time with. Everything about Ana is something we shouldn’t like: a simply interrupted stun, a sniper rile and a pacifist ultimate. But miraculously, all of these things total together to emanate someone that felt singular and fun to play. we hatred sniping in games, yet Ana creates it feel extraordinary and fun. Even yet we frequency get a excellence when we Nano Boost a large player, examination them uproar and shelve adult kills is one of Overwatch’s best feelings.

2. Lucio

Cass: On a surface, it looks like Lucio is a impression who should lay in a behind and simply try to stay alive. Primary glow to build adult ult charge, switch auras as required and get as many people in a round as possible, and boop when someone is in your face.

This is how bad Lucios correlate with each other actor in a game. Good Lucios are rarely mobile, wall roving threats that can hit mixed enemies off a hazardous edge and it is an comprehensive blast to play. Wall roving is not usually a best pacifist ability in a diversion yet arguably one of a best mechanics of any favourite in any role.

There’s zero that creates a support feel improved than holding a indicate by roving along a a bend of an Ilios beacon or Anubis wall, conference a offshoot of a Roadhog clank behind him and recovering adult from a repairs inflicted by a undone Tracer. Sound Barrier is also a deeply gratifying ult, and examination Lucio impact his arms into a belligerent and enabling your group to tarry a Rocket Barrage or Blizzard is one of a many extraordinary ways to win a fight.

1. Zenyatta

Ryan: Since Heroes Never Die launched, we have attempted to widespread a good word of Zenyatta any possibility we could get. He is pleasing and fantastic, yet many important, he is fun as hell. Zenyatta is a ideal support in that he keeps we a actor active during all times. If we wish to make a many of my universe throwing son, we will need to juggle his abilities perfectly.

Slap an Orb of Harmony on an ally, Orb of Discord an enemy, don’t stop throwing orbs, fan is surfaced off pierce Harmony to another, chuck orbs, someone killed Discord aim pierce it to someone else, chuck orbs. He is a ideal instance of a chaotic inlet of Overwatch total with the ideal flow. Combine all of that with an ultimate that can save a teamfight wholly and we have not usually Overwatch’s many fun support, yet the many fun hero.

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