We Happy Few Will Be 20 Hours Long

UK developer Compulsion Games has reliable that a arriving drug-fueled, BioShock-esq action-adventure game, We Happy Few, is – roughly – a 20-hour experience.

News of a game’s length comes approach of a writer Sam Abbott (via GameInformer), and is a estimable boost of a normal playthrough length of a really opposite diversion that launched in Early Access behind in 2016.

According to Abbott, in We Happy Few there’s a procedural era member to a diversion that means some calm will change from actor to player. For example, some players competence confront sidequests in one game, that competence not parent in another game.

However, this form of procedural era when it comes to story calm has been dialed behind significantly given a diversion expelled into Early Access to a churned reception. Abbott records that a group has deserted a “highly repeatable” one-hour diversion regulation in preference or a some-more traditional, 20-hour experience. Meaning, that a a sundry calm from diversion to diversion is singular to many some-more diminutive things rather than anything major.

And this matches adult with a developer’s prior sentiments that suggested it altered a ton about a diversion from a account pattern viewpoint given it strike Early Access in sequence to be some-more like a diversion a E3 2016 trailer alluded to, and that put it on a map.

We Happy Few is in growth for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is scheduled to recover after this week on Aug 10th. You can review some-more about a diversion below, and some-more about a Season Pass, here.


We Happy Few is a story of a heroic garland of tolerably terrible people perplexing to shun from a lifetime of contented rejection in a city of Wellington Wells. In this choice 1960s England, consent is key. You’ll have to quarrel or mix in with a drug-addled inhabitants, many of whom don’t take pleasantly to people who won’t reside by their not-so-normal rules.

“Discover a retrofuturistic city’s dim story as we play by a intertwined narratives of 3 sensitively rebel adults of Wellington Wells, any with their possess strengths and weaknesses, as they face their pasts, ready for a future, and rivet in activities that aren’t accurately standing quo in a artificially eager society.”

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