We Happy Few – Update Patch For PS4(1.4) Released!

When we initial visited Wellington Wells in a initial examination of We Happy Few, things did not go as uniformly as we had hoped. The many encounters of bugs and glitches were adequate to make us feel like downers during times. But it seems, many of these issues have been and are being addressed as we speak.

Returning to a game, there seems to be some teenager improvements. The turn of fact went adult a bit and starting quests no longer feels like a disorderly affair. We did, however, confront a whole new horde of audio and opening issues. These issues did transparent adult a longer it was in-game, yet there’s no denying that it still takes some time to solve some issues in a stream chronicle of a game.

The latest patch records come with a washing list of bug fixes and opening enhancements. Hold on to your butts, people! it’s going to be a prolonged list.

General Bugs:

– Performance Improvements: CPU/hard expostulate optimizations implemented, definition that there will be softened framerate and fewer textures and objects display adult during a wrong turn of detail
– Performance Improvements: Memory leaks bound definition that a diversion should pile-up most reduction frequently on console
– NPCs no longer teleport/attach directly to we during combat
– bound black shade transitions on continue changes when roving by a world
– The VO line ‘Arthur Hastings! we suspicion you’d incited into a– oh, never mind, here we are!’ no longer occurs when personification as Sally or Ollie
– Fixed singular cases where players reported observant transcribe resources (Doors, and even cinematic characters)
– Crashes bound for a far-reaching operation of issues
– Fast Traveling to a induce over than 200m after interacting with a package no longer crashes a game
– Arthur – Fixed diversion spasmodic crashing when loading shade occurs after reaching a Parade District and going behind to a Garden District
– Fixed visit pile-up when reloading a saved diversion in a march district a few seconds after loading is over
– Fixed pile-up caused by save/loading in Apple Holm hire before indicate of no return
– Fixed pile-up caused by reloading a autosave combined each time Arthur crosses from Barrow Holm to Eel Pie Hold when Arthur progressed a good stretch from a bridge
– Fixed a diversion spasmodic crashing during a finish of a clear animation when appropriation a papers portraying Faraday’s locale in a Bobby HQ
– Fixed pile-up when giving NPC a query object and immediately Fast Traveling
– Fixed pile-up in Malpractice of Doctors caused by save/loading inside a encounter
– Fixed pile-up when relocating into fight while on a Plassey Bridge
– Fixed pile-up caused by Fast Traveling or streaming in/out after dropping a probable iniquitous package
– Fixed occasional crashing during a loading shade when Fast Traveling to a Barrow Holm Track Access Hatch from another island
– Fixed occasional pile-up when responding a doorway and skipping a cutscene as Sally
– Fixed occasional pile-up after Arthur ‘s Hostile Takeover/document control checkpoint
– Fixed pile-up in The Still of a Night when fast stuffing bottles with bizarre alcohol
– Fixed many small/one of crashes


– Weapon “The Staff” appears in English when personification in another language
– Dark Linen can now be found in Arthur’s playing. permitting him to qualification a Fab Threads
– Fast Travel: Removed a non-functional/misleading “Travel” prompt when unlocking a Iron Stomach skill
– Skill Tree: The Tireless ability now works as intended
– Map markers for shops will now uncover adult from serve away
– Power cells, dull energy cells, and canteens will no longer be automobile stored in a stash. Now, a live in a gadgets/gadgets/survival categories in a register menu and we will have to store them manually
– Teacups now seem in a crafting components difficulty of a inventory, and will be stored as partial of a “Place All” crafting components option
– Players will no longer be dumbfounded by bees while wearing a Padded Suit or other thick suits
– The Bee Cannon no longer loses all a bees after reloading a game
– Lead Pipes poorly personal as Heavy weapons, now only unchanging weapons
– Ollie: Can no longer Fast Travel to Parade District but opening a induce in a Parade District
– Loading a Last Shelter Visited Save after completing a safehouse quest, will no longer means it to turn stranded in a journal
– Sally: Dexipam recipe can no longer be found systemically, that could lead to transcribe recipes being awarded

Quest fixes:

– Arthur/Ollie: Honey from a Bee Tree now lootable in all situations
– Arthur: The Germany memory will now seem in a Theatre after collecting it
– Arthur: When regulating a save 1.0, Arthur would be incompetent to finish Track Access Hatch quests. Now he can
– Arthur: WorldGen: Bobby HQ will now parent in all cases
– Arthur: A Malpractice of Doctors: The outcome of coconut fun no longer stays until save/load
– Arthur: Band of Brothers: Closing a doorway and going to a categorical menu right after unlocking a doorway to a dump can no longer emanate a course break
– Arthur: Britannia: Sometimes, gigantic loading would start after examination a final cutscene
– Arthur: Cub Reporter: Dying while in Gemma’s residence could lead to gigantic loading
– Arthur: Finding Faraday: Ask a Duty Officer: Running around a Bobby HQ could means a freeze
– Arthur: Hostile Takeover: The cutscene outward of Hostile Takeover that gives a actor Future Perfect will now play in all cases
– Arthur: House of Curious Behaviors: The red constable will now always open a embankment if a actor save/loads after a entering a House for a initial time
– Arthur: Malpractice of Doctors: Returning to categorical menu while deactivating quarantine protocols no longer can lead to a detriment of functionality
– Arthur: Malpractice of Doctors: Returning to a categorical menu during a examination saves a diversion notwithstanding a summary observant it won’t, heading to mixed save/load issues. Now rightly does not save
– Arthur: Mother’s Little Helper: You can now collect adult a records by a list after all save/load conditions, no longer blocks query progression
– Arthur: Mystery House: NPCs now conflict to Arthur when returning to a encounter, after behaving a save/load during a design “Neutralize a cultist”
– Arthur: Possibly Heinous Package: Easier now to collect adult a package
– Arthur: Superb Meat Boy: Killing a Plough Boys before they leave a alley no longer formula in a blocker
– Arthur: The Slaughterer’s Apprentice: Getting repelled while in a trashcan no longer breaks progression
– Arthur: The Slaughterer’s Apprentice: The damaged eviscerator partial now won’t tumble by a building after regulating a appurtenance for a initial time
– Arthur: You Can’t Beat a Odds: The Plough Boys will now enter a shop, permitting a swell to continue
– Arthur: A Model Citizen: Doing a save/load before holding a prerogative no longer causes a actor to be incompetent to move
– Arthur: A Model Citizen: Going divided from a query plcae during a objective: “Help a Models” no longer blocks progression
– Arthur: IN a Still of a Night: Player can now swell by stuffing a bottle with a bizarre alcohol
– Arthur: Plough Boy’s Lunch: Placing Ed down afterwards behaving a save/load no longer causes Ed to be buried alive (spawn underground)
– Arthur: Future Perfect: The turn for rotating a machines in a DSIR will now always be rotated correctly
– Arthur: The Faraday Cage: It is now probable to bucket a saved diversion that was combined during a Faraday Cage questline while regulating a save from 1.0
– Arthur: The Great Stink: Performing a save/load after picking adult a “Jubilator Grand Derby” note no longer causes a science to be placed in records twice
– Arthur: a Great Stink: The Jubilator in a hovel no longer gets stranded in place
– Arthur: The Two Musketeers: Fixed occasional gigantic loading when going behind to a categorical menu before and after a final cutscene
– Arthur: Point of Departure: Fixed saving and quitting after a peep behind causing Arthur to respawn stranded on a stay island, depending on universe generation
– Arthur: A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed blank subtitles for a announcer when nearing during a Wellington Health Institute tip floor
– Arthur: Britannia: Final cutscene now has subtitles
– Arthur: Subtitles: Fixed lines during a speak in a fort appearing in English when personification in another language
– Arthur: Subtitles: Fixed lines during a speak in a Train Station Tower appearing in English when personification in another language
– Arthur: Subtitles: Two lines during a speak between Arthur and Ollie in a sight hire appears in English when personification in another language
– Arthur: Subtitles: Cult of Jack: Subtitles, objectives, and descriptions were in English when personification in another language
– Arthur: Subtitles: Turning a underline choice on during a troops bottom opening no longer displays a full of page of discourse interference a player’s view, even yet that was kind of funny
– Arthur: Subtitles: Two strings when entering into a Odds and Ends seem in English when personification in any other language
– Ollie: Manned Flight: Performing a save/load during a behind of a room on a right side during a design “Get in Cannon” no longer blocks progression
– Ollie: Pomanceous Puzzle: The gas masks will now always parent when reaching a query for a initial time
– Ollie: The Truth Shall Set You Free: After credit cutscene no has subtitles
– Ollie: The Truth Shall Set You Free: Using a constable alarm before triggering a cutscene of a executive cabinet no longer causes a diversion to solidify once a cutscene starts
– Sally: Bad Dreams: The query no longer automatically completes after a initial cutscene
– Sally: Doing a save/load or unwell on Wednesday’s mountain no longer leads to a permanent genocide loop


– Version series increasing to 1.4
– Localization fixes all over a place
– Custom Game choice problems are now rightly translated
– Curfew #1 promote now had subtitles
– Added blank name in credits

PS4 only:

– Fixed a arms blood VFX not displaying on PS4
– Arthur: we Sing a Body Electric: The alleyway heading to a subterraneous has a tone slope displaying over a building on PS4
– Brown, black, and immature checkered/corrupted hardness now no longer appears over soppy mud, behind Sally’s House, and in other locations
– Fixed pile-up when holding out a peeing headboy in a Hooligan Camp
– Fixed pile-up when entering a Broadcast Tower as Arthur
– Fixed occasional GPU hang
– Fixed shelters spasmodic unwell to finish on PS4 pro

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