We Happy Few Trashed By Steam Reviews As Game Nears Completion

(Last Updated On: Sep 17, 2017)

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has been trashed by users in a examination territory of Steam during a Early Access run since a cost has skyrocketed from $30 to $51. This comes amid a developer’s pull to finally heighten a diversion with a final widen of calm and make a pretension content-complete as they pierce toward a final release.

The cost travel came during a scattered time when Compulsion teamed adult with Gearbox Publishing to assistance with a selling and edition side of things. Gamers now felt as if a sour-side of Gearbox’s anti-consumer practices had seeped out of a pus-filled body of PR cunning and Pitchford artfulness that gamers have turn accustomed to.

However, according to Greenman Gaming, Gearbox’s comparison designer, Matt Cox, attempted to convince a gaming village that Gearbox wasn’t in assign of hiking adult a cost for We Happy Few from $30 to $51.

Gamers, however, have turn totally distrusting of Gearbox, and have resolved to censure them for a cost hike, regardless.

This has resulted in a diversion going from a “Mostly Positive” examination measure all a down to a “Mostly Negative” user examination score.

While Compulsion Games and Gearbox can try to inhibit from a latter carrying any partial with a cost fluctuation, it’s roughly turn an corrupt charge to deter people from feeling as if Gearbox has swept in and broken a good thing.

Some users have attempted to come to Compulsion and Gearbox’s defense, such as electricpotato22, who wrote on a many new news post…

“For all a people who were too ignorant to even worry reading a weekly biography and are instead hating on gearbox:


“Compulsion is operative with gearbox PUBLISHING. They have zero to do with all a prior games Gearbox fucked up


“It isn’t run by Randy.

“And they aren’t conversion a diversion in any way, they’re only assisting with marketing. “

The pleas for reason fell on deaf ears; many are resolved in their position during this point.

Compulsion, however, is still trucking on toward underline completion. In a many new post on a Steam page they went by a full outline of what any distinguished group member was focused on completing, and how tighten they are to a final recover date. The post also includes a territory from Steve from Gearbox Publishing, who explained that they’re operative with Compulsion to put together promotional videos and ad element for a arriving final recover of We Happy Few.

With a story calm jacket up, and a animation dialect putting a final touches on everything, Compulsion is gunning for a final recover of Apr 13th, 2018 subsequent year.

The group had built adult a ton of certain press and copiousness of enlivening village feedback during a crowdfunding theatre and initial Early Access appearance, though aligning with Gearbox might have finished some-more mistreat than good. For some-more info we can revisit a Steam store page.

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