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Drug-fuelled presence diversion We Happy Few is withdrawal Early Access soon. To symbol a occasion, it’s removing a large aged calm refurbish and a cost hike. 

There’s utterly a few happy survival games in a list there. 

We Happy Few has never been on sale, as a devs contend it wouldn’t be satisfactory on early adopters and Kickstarter backers. Since launch, it’s been labelled during $29.99. On Aug 16, that’s sharpened adult to $50.99. 

One of a things that’s changing is a discourse in quests, that should now simulate a fact that a NPCs in We Happy Few all know any other. They’re attempting to make conversations feel some-more healthy and simulate that. 

Elsewhere, a programming group are operative on procedural cities, UI improvements, and regulating crashing issues. The animation group is operative on a garland of cinematic, idle, and ambient animations to make NPCs seem some-more human. 

See a full changes on a announcement post

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