We Happy Few Animation Video Hints during More Story?

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few was one of a many astonishing bright spots of E3 2016 – doubly so when gamers cruise a bleak, dystopian universe a diversion is set within. That world’s turn of fact and cultured helped attract thousands of fans to support a game’s early alpha phase, and fad surrounding We Happy Few‘s growth hasn’t dissolute notwithstanding a prolonged duration of time that has upheld given gamers final listened news about a progress.

Compulsion Games might have only offering fans a many suggestive discernment into a universe of We Happy Few given that early alpha, however. Just a few days ago, a studio common a new video on YouTube that minute some animation work being finished on what is being called a “Cub Reporter” scene, and it positively seems to strew some light on what people can design from We Happy Few‘s 1984-inspired aesthetic. Check out a video here:

The video hits only a right tinge to safeguard it stays creepy notwithstanding a melodrama of a impression doing all of a speaking, and it looks as yet a pivotal partial of We Happy Few will be a approach a game’s murky peremptory supervision suppresses citizen’s rights to giveaway speech. It’s a lot some-more to go on in terms of the game’s story than what was done accessible in We Happy Few‘s early alpha preview, that focused some-more on gameplay than it did any account revelation.

Compulsion Games’ newest video is also a sign of a kind of inflection that We Happy Few has struck with a series of gamers. There’s something enthralling about a diversion traffic with a ideas of giveaway debate and satisfactory broadcasting in today’s domestic climate, and a interest extends over only a universe of video games as good – We Happy Few is already removing a movie as well, notwithstanding not even being expelled in a initial middle it is being grown for.

While time is ticking and We Happy Few is fast coming a indicate in a growth cycle where gamers will start to direct some-more to go on, a early startle and astonishment of a E3 exhibit joined with a clever alpha proof have buoyed a diversion adult until now, and a new video will expected do a same. There’s something alluring about a exaggerated, dour England portrayed in We Happy Few that creates it a must-follow by a development, and a showcase for a diversion if it is prepared for it this year – either during E3 or another eventuality like Gamescom – will expected mortar it to a tip of many expected games lists everywhere.

We Happy Few is now in growth for Xbox One and PC. No recover date has been announced.

Source: YouTube

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