We Almost Got A Final Fantasy XV VR Racing Game

So far, Final Fantasy XV has had a hilly attribute with VR. Square Enix announced a VR appendage for a diversion in 2016, and even allowed uncover attendees to play a VR demo that put a actor in a easygoing boots of Prompto, a good-for-nothing comic service of FFXV’s boy-band party in that players shot during a iconic Final Fantasy enemy, a Behemoth. Square Enix fell wordless on PSVR support until E3 this year, where they denounced the Final Fantasy XV VR fishing experience, Monsters of a Deep. Then, usually final month, they announced that a Prompto-Behemoth themed knowledge was just a tech demo that fans will never play.

It turns out a trail from sharpened to fishing was even rockier than we knew. Talking to Fandom, executive Hajime Tabata pronounced that a group deliberate several other options for FFXV’s practical existence content, though that they all would have taken too long.

“The Prompto VR shooter that we combined final year during E3, that was finished about a camber of 3 weeks,” Tabata told Fandom, “It’s like a showcase for a VR record and platform. But we knew that if we wanted to make a bone-fide VR diversion formed on conflict mechanics of Final Fantasy XV, it will substantially take during slightest dual years usually to do that…We thought, ‘Okay. Let’s precedence a universe of Final Fantasy XV that we combined and emanate an immersive knowledge around that.’ Therefore, we arrived during fishing as a categorical gameplay began. ”

When deliberating other possibilities, Tabata mentioned racing, “One such thought was like a large automobile convene opposite a universe of Eos, though when we started looking into that, that would substantially take as long, if not longer, than formulating a VR diversion formed on a conflict mechanics.”

Production time has been a vital emanate for Square Enix over a final decade. Final Fantasy XV itself was announced in 2006 underneath a name Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and usually came out final year. If a association felt it would take too prolonged to make these experiences, they’re substantially right.

But we still like a thought of cruising and racing around Eos in VR with the bros.

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