Watch a really initial gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II

Sony showed a new trailer for The Last of Us II that facilities Ellie as a playable impression in a initial glance of gameplay for a title. The trailer starts with a younger, some-more trusting Ellie during a dance with her friends and a womanlike regretful interest, presumably during a some-more pacific time, though there’s misleading chain in a timeline of events commencement with a conflict to a finale of a initial game. Jumping years later, Ellie is shown to be a rarely able and lethal fighter. The trailer facilities a secrecy elements that were a cornerstone of a initial game, as good as a polished form of a heartless m�lange fight from a original.

The Last of Us Part II is one of a subsequent big-budget, single-player-focused account games on a report for a PlayStation 4. Sony’s height has had an positively stellar year of exclusives, privately in that genre, including Horizon Zero Dawn and a new God of War. Sony-owned studio Naughty Dog is now tasked with delivering on measureless expectations carried over from a strange The Last of Us while pulling brazen both a technical and account elements of a genre, only as a strange did in a final years of a PlayStation 3.

We got a first trailer and a initial announcement for a diversion behind during PlayStation Experience in Dec 2016. Last year during Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog done waves with an ultra-violent trailer that, notwithstanding some well-deserved backlash, did deliver a series of engaging new characters into The Last of Us universe. We know a diversion centers on Ellie who, now grown adult and clearly still defence to a Cordyceps mind infection, appears to be a most some-more hardened, roughly nihilistic survivor. Joel, who done a argumentative preference during a finish of a initial diversion that dynamic Ellie’s fate, is still in a picture, though to what border we still don’t know.

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