Watch a tip Dishonored 2 speedrunner set a new universe record for …

It’s value holding your time in Death of a Outsider, a recently-released enlargement for Dishonored 2. Its universe is dripping in atmosphere, full of fact and side stories that will take we a best partial of 10 hours to entirely explore.

But, naturally, that hasn’t stopped an army of speedrunners regulating each feat probable to wizz by a game. The best of a garland is pennon Bjurnie, who has usually achieved a new universe record by zipping by a enlargement in 9 and a half mins flat. 

If we recognize a name it’s substantially since Bjurnie also binds a record for speedrunning Dishonored 2, that he finished in a lick underneath 23 minutes, and is third all-time in a list of runs for a strange Dishonored. Something of an consultant in a series, then.

There’s a few techniques during play in a run, shown during a tip of this article, though a many conspicuous is famous as a ‘leap glitch’. Basically, we have to rebind burst to a rodent wheel, preferably on a free-scrolling mouse. Then we burst into a safe and cancel a animation, and if we get a timing right you’ll fly miles. It’s easier pronounced than done.

Needless to contend a run is impossibly impressive, generally deliberation Death of a Outsider has usually been out a matter of weeks. Bjurnie hardly puts a feet wrong.

Thanks to Destructoid for flagging a run.

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